Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up For New Cancer Course of Action

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has partnered with NantHealth and Allscripts to put a more personalized system into action that will design custom treatments specific to cancer patients.

The program, called Clinical Pathways, joins together the latest existing cancer research and passes on all pertinent treatment choices. The three started planning the custom result, called eviti, early last year.

According to Wikipedia, CTCA’s Southeastern Regional Medical Center’s Dr. George Daneker said in a statement the collaboration does away with potential speculation by clinicians and provides healing options to patients.

For example, Clinical Pathways will compare treatment alternatives, make access available to up-to-date guidelines as well as provide real-time usefulness. The program will inform all involved of the process without disrupting the flow of information.

By utilizing the program physicians are able to recover facts and statistics from an impartial medical library which takes in more than 2,700 cancer treatment routines. A team of oncologists, oncology nurses as well as an advisory board keeps the library current.

Bobby Reddy, NantHealth senior executive director of medical affairs, said the combined technology which resulted from Cancer Treatment Centers of America‘s Clinical Pathways, Allscripts Sunrise EHR and NantHealth’s eviti is proving to be a pivotal moment for the treatment of cancer.

Richard Stephenson, founder and chairman of CTCA, started the centers following the death of his mother from cancer. He became aware of the lack of compassionate and resourceful treatment and made the decision to transform cancer care in her memory.

CTCA’s unique approach combines testing, radiation, chemotherapy and more with supporting therapies that lend a hand to patients before and after treatment.

With its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida CTCA is a national network of five hospitals that work with adult cancer patients. Facilities are available in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa. Worldwide CTCA offers patients in Mexico City, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean cancer treatment assistance at any of the US centers.

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Get Screened For Osteoporosis

As women get older, they lose bone density. Making sure they maintain proper calcium intake helps prevent this, but the female sex hormone contributes to it in part. Losing bone density can result in a condition called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis makes bones brittle and more susceptible to breaking. Microfractures are common. Osteomyelitis is a related condition, but it is thought of as more of a warning sign. Doctors give this diagnosis to people who are in danger of developing brittle bones but may be able to prevent it.

The disease is frequently associated with elderly women, but it can strike anyone. If anyone suspects they might be at risk, they should undergo an ultrasound scan. The ultrasound scan measures bone density, and, unlike an X-ray, does not expose the patient to harmful radiation. Images are generated through sound waves instead.

These screening services do more than just check for conditions that can be found though an ultrasound. People who come to the clinic can also go an EKG. While this test requires a person to be strapped to a bunch of wires, it only takes a few minutes. Peeling off the stickers may take a bit longer, depending on how much hair is on a person’s chest. It can detect various heart problems including abnormal rhythms.

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Screening services can be done on an individual basis or as part of a health event. Anyone who wishes to use Lifeline Screening Services can do so by scheduling an appointment. No one needs to wonder if they have a problem.


Samuel Strauch Capable of Balancing Investing and Personal Life

Today more than ever if you want to invest in real estate you must have an excellent macro and micro understanding of the fundamentals of the market. Samuel Strauch is one the few experts with this keen sense of understanding value when it comes to investing. He has a long a successful career which makes him one of the most sought after experts. He started off as a banker before joining the family Real Estate business based in South Florida.

Samuel Strauch DNA for Investing

In addition to being a business graduate, Samuel Strauch has investing running through his DNA. Upon arriving Miami, he automatically figured that the area offered a suitable real estate business. With real estate projects cropping up everywhere in the town which was preparing to change from a vacation town to a full pledged metropolitan town along the beach, Samuel knew he could take advantage of the international clients and investors to boost his real estate business.

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Samuel Strauch Living and Investing with a Purpose

According to many people, living a purposeful life while at the same time investing and becoming successful is an impossible thing. However, Samuel Strauch has managed to achieve both. Being in real estate requires an extensive and strong network, Samuel Strauch makes it his agenda to meet and start a business relationship with new people every day. There is also power in having a good relationship with existing clients. It is in his daily agenda to strengthen those relationships as well as create new business ideas.

Samuel Strauch, a Forward Thinker, and Investor

Samuel Strauch is one of the most successful real estate investors. His success can be attributed to his forward thinking capabilities, high level of professionalism, and thorough analysis before embarking on any venture. Samuel Strauch also believes in the power of meditation as it gives him time to focus on both personal and professional life.


Fabletics: Giving Their Customers What They Need

Fabletics is no ordinary active and leisure wear brand. With an extremely proficient marketing team in hand and a full proof business plan in place, the company has managed to turn heads and make a mark for themselves in the world of fashion. Establishing one’s self in the world of fashion is no easy task, especially with big players like Amazon hogging up the spotlight. To be known in the fashion industry, one needs to be incredibly unique and have a good plan of action in mind to appeal to a customer base. As a brand, Fabletics has managed to do just that and so much more! Since its inception in 2013, fashion lovers have looked forward to the release of this much-anticipated line of clothing, by the one and only, Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is known to be someone who is concerned about her health and fitness, and therefore, having clothing coming from someone who knows the needs of the people who wear them was a big plus when it came to the brand’s customers. Over the course of four years, Fabletics has grown into a household name, with thousands of customers all over America waiting for their packages of beautiful activewear to arrive.


But Fabletics didn’t just end up this way because of the person associated with the brand. Sure that played a factor in people’s decision to purchase from the brand,but Fabletics wanted to establish themselves in the world of fashion properly, and they did this, through the beautiful tool of research. To appeal more to their target audience and to give them the clothing they need, Fabletics started collecting data from the people entering the site and purchasing from them. Through this data, Fabletics was able to adjust their business strategies accordingly to fit the needs of the people, being one of the main factors due to which the company is the big success it is today. By adopting a membership plan like scheme, where customers pay a subscription fee and get the clothing delivered to their doorstep, Fabletics has managed to keep their customers coming back to them every month.


When a customer becomes a member of the Fabletics brand, they are asked to answer a few questions which range from your body type to the kind of workout you prefer to do. These answers are all taken and analyzed by the Fabletics database to give you the best selection of clothes that are just right for you. Every month thereon, Fabletics will send you a few outfit options and looks which you can choose and pick at your will and have them delivered to your doorstep a few days later. Because the brand knows the kind of clothing you are into and the sport you need to wear it for, Fabletics has been able to give their customers the latest styles while still giving them something that is tailored to them.


Through unique marketing strategies and a ear for their customers thoughts, Fabletics has indeed made a mark in the fashion industry and their customers.

The Contribution Made by Jeanmarie Guenot and Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. in the U.S. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Jeanmarie Guenot is presently the President of Amphivena Therapeutics, a healthcare company in San Francisco, California. She has gained a lot of experience in her 20-year career working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Amphivena Therapeutics specializes in developing immune therapies for cancer treatment. Amphivena Therapeutics is a subsidiary of Affirmed Therapeutics AG, which was established in 2012 and its headquarters are located in San Francisco.


Since its formation, the company has been leading in the development of remedy antibodies for blood cancer treatment, which is Jeanmarie’s passion. The intention of the therapeutic antibodies is to enhance the patient’s natural immune system to generate antibodies that can unite to focus on the molecules on tumor cells and destroy them.


Amphivena Therapeutics is a privately-owned company. The firm’s parent company, Affimed Therapeutics AG as well as MPM Capital and Aeris Capital are some of the institutional investors that contributed to its first funding round. Jeanmarie strikes up new and mutually beneficial partnerships with other industry stakeholders to ensure the continuity of Amphivena Therapeutics’ research projects.


The Career of Jeanmarie Guenot


Guenot was accredited her MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and later graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of California. Her career took off right after getting her Ph.D. She worked as the chief scientist in Preclinical R&D at Hoffman-La Roche.


Jeanmarie heads Amphivena Therapeutics Inc. as President. Her duties also include project management, commercial development, venture capital, R&D. She provides consultation services for licensing, M&A, project management, and financial planning. For pharmaceutical and biotech companies, she offers alliance and finance management services.


Jeanmarie Guenot has pioneered a successful contract between Hoffmann- La Roche and PDL. The deal will see the collaboration of the two companies in commercializing and developing their drugs. Today, Jeanmarie is involved in numerous studies and research projects aimed at coming up with medical breakthroughs that will help patients not only in the United States but also globally.

When in Doubt, Turn to Wen

Tired of the frizzy, limp, dull, and sad hair? I was too! I woke up every morning and was frustrated and discouraged by the time I was done trying to style my hair. No matter how I styled it, it looked so unhealthy. I tried staying away from to much heat, tried different mousses and sprays, put my hair up less, and even tried a crazy egg yolk hair mask I found online. Although I put in so much effort and money to fix my hair, it did nothing. I was close to giving up and just settling with the frustration when a friend recommended WEN By Chaz. She told me it worked miracles, but I couldn’t believe it after all I had tried.

After some research, because my friend has some super healthy hair, I gave in and ordered some to try for myself. After just a quick search, I learned how great Wen really is. Wen uses natural and gentle ingredients to transform hair. It replaces the need for a harsh shampoo and gives a soft conditioning without all of the harsh chemicals often found in hair products. After using Wen just two times, I was amazed! It was like a night and day transformation. My hair became soft, manageable, and had a shine to it that I have never had before.I have never been so happy with my hair and will continue to use Wen by Chaz and recommend it to others.

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How Bruno Fagali Created a Unique Corporate Integrity Program

Bruno Vagali has an extensive background in law. He graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – PUC in law. He has a Master in Law of the State from the Faculty of Law of USP and is a Specialist in Administrative Law by PUC-Cogeae and FGV-GVlaw. He was the first in the advertising sector to create a code of conduct that is in full accordance with the Anti-Corruption Law, the new agency is the only agency to create its corporate rules by consulting with the CGU.

As Specialists in Communication of Public interest, their agency was invited to participate in advertising competitions of international organizers and was the only agency that was 100% Brazilian. They received both national and foreign recognition, but they were not satisfied with the accolades alone and brought in Bruno Fagali to create the Corporate Integrity Program. It is a rigid Compliance system, that took two years to create and is now implemented in the agency, that assures that the agency always operates with integrity. Bruno Fagali created the Corporate Integrity Program to be fullin accordance with the rules and regulations of the Anti-Corporation Law. In this way, the new agency became unique and is the only one in its sector to have its exemplary code of conduct given to the General Comptroller of the Union (CGU), a part of the recently formed Ministry of Transparency, Suprevision and control.

Founding Partner of the agency, Bob Vieira da Costa, was a major decision maker in bringing in Bruno Vigali and deciding to use his law expertise to create this essential and highly ethic Corporate Integrity Program for the successful new agency. They believe their plan will become a standard for the rest of their business sector.

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Copa Star revolutionizes the hospital experience

There is a hospital in Brazil that has set exceptionally high standards for other medical institutions all over the world. It is located on Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Copacabana, and the name of the hospital is Copa Star. Now, what makes this hospital so special and unique compared to others.

For starters, this medical institution looks more like a five-star hotel. It is luxurious and features beautiful design. It was intentionally built to set a new standard and to start a revolution for hospitals by prompting them to transform into something better and more beautiful. The waiting area sports plush couches that are far more comfortable and luxurious than the plastic chairs in my other hospitals. The walls of Copa Star are lined with beautifully framed paintings and other pieces of art. In fact, Copa Star has an entire art gallery. The hospital houses approximately 231 paintings by the famous Japanese painter Yutaka. The personal Copa Star gallery is open to the patients who can visit at any time they would like and enjoy the beauty of the paintings.

Another astounding feature of the hospital is the specialized wing that is built to provide a swift transit of employees and the transporting of patients in need of quick medical attention such as surgery for example. That has allowed the public corridors of Copa Star to be easily maneuvered by the visitors. It makes the corridors so much more peaceful when there are no anxious nurses and doctors running to get to their patients and bumping into people as they try to get where they need to be as quickly as possible. To no surprise, the specialized ward has proven especially useful in the cases when time is of the essence.

The unpleasant smell and the harsh lighting usual to other hospitals are also not part of Copa Star. The air is constantly laced with a woody and citrusy smell, and homely lighting has been installed to create an atmosphere of calmness. The patient’s rooms are also well designed. Each sports a plus couch as well as a coffee table and chairs.

A remarkable part of the Copa Star hospital is the way that the staff members interact with the patients. Both doctors and nurses believe that environment plays a significant role in a patient’s recovery. Doctors and nurses threat their patients as something more than that, they bond and become good companions during long and painful recoveries. There is an overall family-like atmosphere at the Copa Star hospital that has been a huge factor as to why people prefer Copa Star over other medical institutions.

Copa Star has indeed set high bars for other hospitals to strive for, but the more hospitals take Copa Star’s example, the better for the patients.

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Patty Rocklage, a Massachusetts-Based Family & Marriage Therapist

Patty Rocklage is a famous marriage & family therapist based in the Sudbury City of Massachusetts. She is an experienced and accomplished professional that is known for her warm communication style. She considers it a privilege to help families, couples, and individuals in overcoming and working through the struggles of their lives. She went to the University of Southern California from where she graduated in 1981. Her professional career spans over a period of more than twenty years.



Patty Rocklage is married to Scott Rocklage who is Ph.D. in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The couple visited the institute’s chemistry department in July 2016. They were celebrated for the gift they offered to the Building 2 of the prestigious educational institution. Patty’s husband acquired his Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT in 1982. They contributed to the cost required for the renovation of nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space.



During his Ph.D. studies, Scott was under the supervision of Professor Richard R. Schrock who was a Nobel Prize winner in the field of Chemistry. Professor Bawendi and his two graduate students showed Scott and Patty the newly renovated lab. They also showed the plaque on the lab’s vestibule where the names of the couple were displayed. Tributes for the couple were paid by former Department Head, Sylvia Ceyer, current Department Head, Timothy Jamison, and Professor Bawendi.



In a 2010 newsletter of the department, Scott said that he has always been an accomplishment fanatic and survivalist. He had no idea that these skills would be needed so much at MIT. He considers himself very lucky that Professor Richard R. Schrock accepted him into his research group which was full of men and women with big dreams and big intellects. The group was led by Dick’s drive for success, and every member of the group had his value to overachieve. It is because everyone in the group had realized that old achievements were not enough to distinguish them and their work. Scott further said that he was lucky to find some lifelong friends at MIT which included Clayton Wood, Jere Fellman, and Howard Turner. However, the atmosphere was quite volatile due to glove-box time, reagents, and competition for projects. The same atmosphere was also the reason why every graduate student showed his best performance.



Patty and his husband once walked into the showroom of Sudbury Kitchen & Bath for the renovation of their home. The showroom is now the Design Center of Sudbury Companies. They couple had a pleasant surprise which most people had experienced before them. They wanted to renovate different sections of their house and were thinking of hiring different sub-contractors for this purpose. To their surprise, Ed Freedlender and his staff at the company had the capability to renovate their entire house fully.



Forty Million Bottles Sold: WEN By Chaz Delivers Great-Looking Hair, Again And Again

As women, we enjoy our beauty routines and get used to doing the same thing continuously. The saying “Old habits die hard,” really seems to affect many of us.

Shampooing with lather formulations appears to be one of those common habits difficult to break. Some think that a lather shampoo is the only way to thoroughly wash the hair.

Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean knows otherwise, and that is why the veteran hair care expert developed the WEN By Chaz no lather shampoo system. His incredible botanically-based formulas do everything a shampoo and conditioner do and much more. WEN has sold more than 40 million bottles all over the world; that says something about the man, his line and integrity.

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WEN cleansing conditioners are the healthy, natural way to care for hair. One bottle cleanses like a shampoo, conditions, de-tangles, deep conditions and acts like a leave-in conditioning treatment. There is zero lather and zero harmful parabens and sulfates like other shampoos and conditioners. Best of all, these cleansing conditioners smell heavenly and leave behind strong, full, shiny tresses, no matter what hair type you have.

Who wants to pour parabens and sulfates onto their scalp and hair? Think about it; these chemicals are the same ones found in our household cleaning products like laundry detergent.

WEN’s cleansing conditioners are wonderful to massage into the scalp and hair, because these natural plant-based ingredients are gentle, soothing and protect strands from root to end. Just one wash with WEN creates a key difference in the hair. Your tresses will be softer, smoother, shinier and easier to manage.

WEN By Chaz is so pure and healthy, Chaz Dean has also created a WEN Kids line and WEN Pets. All of these hair care items are made into cleansing conditioners that create gorgeous manes.