Nutrimost Suing for Damages

Nutrimost is suing another weight loss company, Healthy Living, for posting Nutrimost’s weight loss video on its website. When Nutrimost submitted a cease and desist letter, Healthy Living shortened the aforementioned video and simply reposted it on their website. Although Healthy Living finally removed the video on its website, Nutrimost is still seeking $300,000 for the damages, which includes tarnishing Nutrimost’s reputation amongst its fanbase.

Nutrimost claims that it is the “Ultimate Fat Loss System,” alleging that customers can lose twenty to forty pounds in just forty days. Nutrimost uses a supervised meal program as well as a body scan to promote weight loss in its customers.
In addition to providing healthy, nutritious recipes, Nutrimost provides weight loss tips on its Twitter account. Also, Nutrimost System provides images of real people who have lost weight using this program. The services that Nutrimost provides are pastoral health services and not regulated by the state. Pastoral health services are a combination of health information and science. Nutrimost is located in Harrison, New York.


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  1. Nutrimost’s supervised meals include options such as mushrooms with spicy garlic sauce at 60 calories, sweet barbeque chicken salad on apple slices at 330 calories, and sweet apple straws at 95 calories, amongst others. It is also a nice way for essay writer service to get it right for them too.

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