Andy Wirth Makes Getting Around Squaw Valley Even Easier

Skiing is a sport that many people enjoy doing. Being able to go down a mountain really fast is fun and exciting. For those that love skiing, one of their top places to ski is surely that of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows area. This area has drawn skiers both locally and internationally when it was where the 1960 Olympics took place. Since that time, visitors have tried to enjoy both places as much as possible. The ability to spend time on both places will be increased with the use of a new method that is presently in place under the leadership of Andy Wirth, the Chief Operating Office of Squaw Valley Ski, the developer of this region.

Better Connections

Two places, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, are to be connected with a new and daring gondola. The gondola project, initiated by Wirth, aims at making it easier for skiers to spend as much time as they wish at each place in a way that is convenient and offers delightful views along the way. This gondola means that skiers will not have to spend time hunting for parking spaces should they decide they want to go from one mountain to the other. The gondola makes it easy for a skier to simply get to the other mountain in a relaxed way that allows skiers to have even more fun.

Aiming At Quick Completion

Wirth knows that the area is one in which skiers love. This is why he is working hard to push for the completion of the gondola as soon as possible. Using the gondola will enable skiers to spend even more time on the slopes here. It will also help modernize the region, enabling it keep up with developments in other popular skiing areas all over the globe. The new gondola will be one that emphasizes safety and convenience, allowing the skier to rest easy when inside and appreciate the area’s magnificent scenery even more. Skiers and locals everywhere are clearly happy at the prospect of having new ways to go through here and enjoy the resort.

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