A Look Into The Effort Mike Baur Has Put Into Support Startup

Mike Baur is a professional with a massive experience record working in the Swiss banking industry. At the age of 39, he exited the banking industry having worked for almost 20 years and decided to channel his energy into supporting startups and creating more businesses. Mike Baur is a venture capitalist and a creative professional who is the brain behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory, an ICT startup incubation facility.


Young entrepreneurs within Switzerland with innovative ideas are allowed to present their ideas after which they are taken in for the three-month program that allows them to get the basics of managing their own businesses.

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The Accelerator program

The accelerator program works as an oven where the startups are baked to maturity. This is a three-month program that is passed through several stages that are relevant to the young entrepreneurs. Among important aspects of business that are addressed is the issue of legality and the procedures every entrepreneur should follow to ensure uninterrupted business.


The candidates are also allowed to learn through the experiences other entrepreneurs have embraced and to reinforce their knowledge after the three months, they are taken through a demo process that allows them to have a real-world experience that prepares them to handle bigger tasks.


Digital strategies for business prosperity

Most importantly, the candidates have to also understand about the digital aspect of business and how this revolution may affect their businesses. The digital strategy includes testing the idea to understand the kind of technology that can best fit the business and drive it to prosperity. The analysis also looks into the potentiality of the idea with regards to technology and the major changes that should be made to make it more conducive.


About Mike Baur

A resident of Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who has showed great concern in supporting startups and young entrepreneur. When he was a teenager, he had a lot of interest in becoming a business executive in the banking industry and true to his dreams, he pursued Finance at the university and joined the Swiss banking industry.


Mike furthered his education by joining the University of Rochester, where he graduated with an MBA. He also enrolled at the University of Bern for an Executive MBA. In 2014, he made a bold move by resigning from banking and launched the Swiss Startup Factory, an ICT Startup accelerator that is supporting young entrepreneur in Switzerland.

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