James Dondero Joins SMU Board of Directors

James Dondero is the chief executive officer and president of Highland Capital Management, an institution that is based in Dallas, Texas. Dondero and his close partner founded the organization to offer investment advisory to consumers in the country. The company has grown significantly under the leadership of the hedge fund manager, and it is considered to be one of the biggest investment companies in the United States.

Just recently, James Dondero was appointed to join the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. According to a report from Highland Capital Management, James Dondero will be serving the executive board of directors in the big institution. Jim is very excited about getting the new position, and he hopes to make a difference in the lives of the students.

Dondero’s new position will have several benefits to both organizations. According to James, the position will expand his company’s strong commitment to the SMU activities. Some of these activities include the endowment of a unique program known as the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars. The program is very popular among the institutions because it encourages and recognizes the academic and professional pursuits, especially in public policy. The Highland Capital Management has also been an active supporter of the well-known George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

The Cox School at SMU is believed to be very beneficial to the Dallas Community too. Jim says that the school contributes to the business community in the region, some of the greatest beneficiaries of Highland Capital Management. The hedge fund manager is honored to be appointed to the top position because it will give him many opportunities to assist in the growth and excellence of initiatives that are ongoing.

The current SMU Cox Executive Board is believed to have one hundred members from different parts of the regions. Most of these members are appointed, and they are non- academics. The members are given the responsibility of advising primarily on the matters concerning strategies in the business school. The board meets three times in a year. The meetings are mostly held in the spring, fall and winter. Apart from being the president and chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has several other leadership positions.

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