How SweetGreen Developed from Scratch

Currently, Sweetgreen has opened new restaurants in 40 different locations across the United States of America. The restaurant is known for offering the healthiest, fresh and most organic dishes in the US. Also, they are known for dealing with local products also. The restaurant was founded by three gentlemen while still studying at George Town University. Since then, the startup has managed to attract big names in investments such as Steve Case as well as Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer. In a recent interview, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, explained that they were focused on creating a brand would stand for something and also one that would make people feel their lives are improving by eating healthy food.


Another thing that has made the company prosper is the use of technology. For instance, according to Nathaniel Ru, most of the transactions that Sweetgreen performs are conducted through its website. The company has not established a main headquarter yet. Sweetgreen has been thinking about the management strategies that they have been using of late. They continue strategizing about how they will expand worldwide and nationally. For this reason, Sweetgreen has established an office in Los Angeles, California.


Sweetgreen focuses on a decentralized system that does not have corporate headquarter. Other than Nathan Ru, the other co-founders of this startup are Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet. By the time they thought about establishing a company, they hadn’t managed a company before. They didn’t have any information regarding the food industry. All they had in common were parents that had been successful in establishing their ventures as well as a business plan detailing their plan and budget. When they met at George Town University, they felt that the area needed a place where people would eat healthy food. This idea led to the formation of the Sweetgreen. This was back in the year 2007. According to these three gentlemen, they knew they would survive when students closed for the winter break, and they could still make sales.


Nathaniel Ru likes reading books and still says he would read more if he was given a chance to be a twenty-year-old again. Ru believes that the hardest thing to do in business is managing a team. His biggest role model and inspiration are Kevin Plank. Sweetgreen has maintained its promise to deliver the best food in the market by using locally grown foods that do not pose a health risk to its customers.

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