Mike Baur – Making Dreams Come True

Mike Baur had the vision to help build digital companies that offer something different and unique. This vision was the company, Swiss Startup Factory, which was started in 2014. The company is located in Zurich. They offer many different services to help get your company off the ground. The 360-degree approach provides the guidance and vision to make your startup a success.


The company helps in the way of an accelerator. They provide the coaching and mentorship to make the right decisions from day one. Financing is a large piece of the puzzle that is available through the Swiss Startup Factory. They tackle several parts of the finance puzzle, including payroll, bookkeeping, health benefits and overall cash flow. This is extremely important in a startup as typically the entrepreneur’s core competency is not in the financial and accounting side. This takes unnecessary stress from this aspect of the business. Another dynamic feature is the office space and the ability to cohabitate. This provides space for sharing ideas as well as talking through problems or even celebrating successes. So three facets to the Swiss Startup Factory are, the startup accelerator, co-working spaces and accounting and financial advice.


This is an elite program that the most viable startups will be chosen to participate in the startup accelerator. Ambitious goals are set out for the first three months to show progress, determine viability and ultimately create a successful startup.


Mike Baur’s education, including an executive MBA and experience in the banking industry for twenty years comes as a valuable asset as he is leading startup companies through the first three months of life. His upward mobility throughout his career shows his ability to learn quickly and adapt to people’s needs. He gained valuable leadership skills as a commercial apprentice at USB and on the board of a large Swiss Private Bank. Along with his finance career, Mike has an interest in helping others. Mentoring various entrepreneurs on startups is a favorite pastime as he builds relationships and continues to build his network. This ultimately gave the life to this adventure and he gets to pursue a lifelong dream.

George Soros Spent Millions This Year

Big Spending And Big Expectations
Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros spend a fortune in 2016 on political contributions. With the 2016 U.S.A presidential elections, the Syrian migrant crisis, and Brexit this year spiked the interest of George Soros. This year did not turn out well for the left. Brexit passed, European countries are pushing for tougher immigration policies, and Donald Trump is now president election of the United States. It wasn’t an easy fight for the right however. Soros and other powerful donors ensured that these political movements were ultimately close calls barely holding enough influence to succeed.

The European Scene
A major focus of Soros’ attention early on this year was in Europe. Europe experienced two major events this year motivated by concerns over immigration. The first of these concerns was the increase in migration from North Africa and Syria. Migrants are fleeing their countries due to war and a lack of economic opportunities, but E.U countries are struggling to assist them. In an effort to aid these migrants Soros gave the E.U $500 million dollars. Despite his efforts the migrant crisis would eventually result in the success of the Brexit campaign and other victories for the European Right.

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The Trump Effect
After the nominations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the Democratic and Republican party nominees Soros took serious interest in the American presidential campaigns. Awakening from a long period of inactivity in American politics he decided to give $8 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. This contribution was soon followed by other major donors pitching in to give Hillary’s campaign a financial boost. Eventually Hillary Clinton was the center of the largest campaign in American history, but all of that effort would ultimately go to waste.

A Shocking Turn Of Events
The 2016 election took an unexpected turn of events. Although most polls placed Hillary Clinton with a comfortable lead Donald Trump ultimately eeked out an electoral college victory with gains in midwestern states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan. While George Soros found this news upsetting he has prepared for this unexpected outcome. He has shifted his focus towards finding a way to make sure that Trump fails to enact his agenda and restore power to the progressive left. To do this he turns to his fellow liberal donors.

The Democratic Alliance
To combat the rise of Donald Trump George Soros is relying on the Democratic Alliance. Formed in 2005 by Soros and other progressive donors the organization focuses on coordinating political contributions to targets the donors have collectively agreed to support. Last year the Democratic Alliance formed a new project called “2020 Vision”. This effort focuses on increasing the political influence of Democrats on a state level to eventually improve power on a national scale. To reach their goals the donors are seeking to improve outreach and has offered to support movements such as Black Lives Matter. Whether or not George Soros is successful in turning things around will come to light in the coming years.

Learn more about George Soros at OpenSocietyFoundations.org

Lifestyle Advice from Markus Rothkranz

The Super Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most important vitamin in the body. It helps us prevent wrinkles on the skin that can be caused by stress. Vitamin C cannot be made by the body and must be obtained from food. Buying store bought vitamin C is not good either, because that vitamin C is made in a laboratory, which becomes a pro-oxidant in the body, rather than an anti-oxidant, which can lead to kidney stones in the body. Taking the wrong kind of vitamin C can cause many health problems such as hair loss. It is important to get vitamin C from natural sources, such as our food, and is vital for keeping us young and boosting the immune system. Vitamin C breaks down cholesterol.

A deficiency in it can lead to wrinkles, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, male infertility, and weak immunity. The most common deficiency leading to wrinkles is collagen loss which comes from a lack of vitamin C and silica in the body. Stomach acid is needed to absorb silica. Antacids and alkaline water decrease stomach acid, which decrease collagen, which lead to even more wrinkles! That’s why Markus has created his own supplemental product, Green Formula. Stress, smoking, stimulants and medications lead to vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C is used for treating diabetes, heart disease, HIV, cancer, male infertility, alcohol cravings, drug gratings, viral infections, arthritis, and allergies. Caffeine and energy drinks also deplete the body of vitamin C. A deficiency in vitamin C can also cause a person to have easy bruising, receding gums, bleeding gums, varicose veins, slow healing and fatigue.

Taking too much store bought vitamin C can cause vitamin B12 deficiency which can lead to anemia, hair loss, bone loss, wrinkles, emphysema, and heart disease. The best vitamin C that he has found from his research is gibing or kakadu plum. The kakadu plum has the highest vitamin c content on the planet and kills parasites in the body. Pine trees also have very high vitamin C content, as well as MSM which is good for the joints and slows the aging process and are good for pneumonia.

Standing vs Sitting: Sitting is the New Smoking

In this video, Markus Rothcranz tells the truth about why sitting is so bad for you, and why you should make an effort daily to get on your feet, get moving, and kick the habit of sedentary living.

If you’re careful, you’ll see that you can actually get worse by sitting. Markus shows you all the reasons why you need to stand up more, and he makes his case bravely. You can always see just from looking at the early part of the video actually how much time people spend sitting down: it’s a lot, in fact, most of the day for many.

If you want to kick this habit, you can always take a five minute break every half hour to stand up, or you can do some good investigating and find a standing desk for your office or home office. If you have a standing desk, you can always put a treadmill in front of it, or even a bicycle (Markus has done both).

You’re sure to love how your body changes when you make time to stand up more. Your body engages more muscles than ever when you stand up, and you can be sure to engage these muscles more often if you take regular breaks and maintain an active lifestyle outside of the office. So, with all this evidence about how standing is better for you, why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Markus has definitely proved the power of standing up to save your life.

Different Types of Cleanses explained, by Markus Rothkranz

In the YouTube video “Different Types of Cleanses Explained, by Markus Rothkranz” viewers learn the difference between the various types of fasting programs that he recommends. Rothkranz explains that interested individuals should start with simple water fasts where users consume nothing but water. He explains that this type of fast results in the cleanest form of cleansing and results in flushing out harmful toxins from the body. He then describes a green juice fast as the next step people can take when they follow his recommended fasting program. He suggests that this is a way for the body to gain nutrients during a fast without consuming anything solid. Rothkratz explains that no digestion takes place with a water or green juice fast.

Markus Rothkranz also discusses the next stage which is the green smoothie stage. This is where fiber is added to a faster’s diet. Whole celery, whole green apples, and other green vegetables can be mixed with green powder and a parasite formula. After this stage is the raw food stage. This can be combined with the green juice fasting stage if people like. He explains that the type of cleanses that people do depend on their end goals. If individuals want to flush out their systems then water or green smoothies may be enough. However, Rothkranz explains that people can work their way from water, to green juice, to smoothies, to raw foods for a week at a time if their end goal is to flush out years of toxins from their bodies.

Individuals can choose a parasite formula before introducing raw foods back to their diet according to Markus Rothkranz. He suggests that people can use this if their goal is to remove parasites from their body. He does suggest that people consider whether they want a full cleanse or just to remove parasites. He also advises that people who take their supplements at the earlier stages rather than the later stages try cutting the pills in half because it may be too harsh on their systems without solid foods.

Cleansing Conditioners That Help Your Hair

Lately, there have been a lot of people talking about cleansing conditioners as opposed to shampoos. What does all of this really mean? Just as the name implies, it means that you could use a cleansing conditioner to wash and cleanse your hair without ever touching a bottle of shampoo again.

While this might sound counterproductive, it actually gives you everything that you probably want when it comes to dealing with your hair. In addition, the cleansing conditioners don’t have a tendency to strip your hair like most shampoos do. In the end, using this type of system can give you the hair that you have always wanted, even when you thought there was no way possible for you to get it.

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Without a doubt, one of the most popular conditioners are the ones found in the WEN hair care product line. Chances are, you have heard about these cleansing conditioners developed by Chaz Dean, especially if you stay up late at night and watch a lot of infomercials. All kidding aside, the product is capable of giving you the thick, full head of hair that has plenty of body that you might not be able to get through any other means.

You might think of this as the product that has laid the foundation for all other cleansing conditioners that have come along after it. In addition, Wen still easily considered to be one of the best cleansing conditioner products out there, especially for people who have fine, thin hair that has a tendency to be more stubborn than anything else.

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There is nothing more frustrating than washing your hair only to find that you can’t really do anything with it. Some people are naturally blessed with thick hair that has lots of body and volume and it can be styled easily. Other people don’t have the chance to enjoy any of those things naturally. The use of Wen cleansing conditioners can take hair that is limp and listless and turn it into the hair that you have always wanted. That alone is reason enough to give them a try and buy a bottle of Wen Cleansing Conditioner today!

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