How Bruno Fagali Created a Unique Corporate Integrity Program

Bruno Vagali has an extensive background in law. He graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – PUC in law. He has a Master in Law of the State from the Faculty of Law of USP and is a Specialist in Administrative Law by PUC-Cogeae and FGV-GVlaw. He was the first in the advertising sector to create a code of conduct that is in full accordance with the Anti-Corruption Law, the new agency is the only agency to create its corporate rules by consulting with the CGU.

As Specialists in Communication of Public interest, their agency was invited to participate in advertising competitions of international organizers and was the only agency that was 100% Brazilian. They received both national and foreign recognition, but they were not satisfied with the accolades alone and brought in Bruno Fagali to create the Corporate Integrity Program. It is a rigid Compliance system, that took two years to create and is now implemented in the agency, that assures that the agency always operates with integrity. Bruno Fagali created the Corporate Integrity Program to be fullin accordance with the rules and regulations of the Anti-Corporation Law. In this way, the new agency became unique and is the only one in its sector to have its exemplary code of conduct given to the General Comptroller of the Union (CGU), a part of the recently formed Ministry of Transparency, Suprevision and control.

Founding Partner of the agency, Bob Vieira da Costa, was a major decision maker in bringing in Bruno Vigali and deciding to use his law expertise to create this essential and highly ethic Corporate Integrity Program for the successful new agency. They believe their plan will become a standard for the rest of their business sector.

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