Cotemar Supports The Oil Industry with Sustainability

Cotemar is a Mexican company with presence in the Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan Peninsula that supports the oil industry with their services that are related to developing oil fields in the ocean by means of offering maintenance and construction services, marine support operations, and also gastronomical and lodging services, transportation of groups of worker and materials through the use of specially prepared ships.

Cotemar has been providing services to Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) for nearly 4 decades and takes pride in their results, efficiency and support to the oil industry.

Cotemar firmly believes in Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility, Efficiency, and Teamwork.

Cotemar also believes in sustainability. They are part of the Declaratoria de Sector Privado y Financiero para la Sustentabilidad de la Península de Yucatán which is an agreement in the private and financial sectors that are committed to sustainability. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn and Cotemar | Elmanana

Cotemar is one of 50 companies that took part in this agreement. In detail, Cotemar and other companies in the agreement are committed to making the Yucatan peninsula an example of sustainable growth through common goals and coordinated action and views about productivity, profitability, and conservation. This effort is coordinated through two NGOs: The Nature Conservancy and CONABIO.

Cotemar specializes in providing services in strategic areas: construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering. The company also owns and uses specially prepared ships and also marine support ships in providing gastronomical services and lodging services.

Construction, modernization, maintenance and engineering services are directed towards the maintenance and rehabilitation of platforms and PMEX processing centers and facilities in the oceans. These services involve work since prefabrication and assembly all the way down to the service line operations. Learn more about Cotemar:

Cotemar’s specially prepared ships, marine support ships provide services from specially prepared habitable platforms that can house to 800 people. The platforms have the advantage of navigating to other locations to support work operations for their clients.

Gastronomical and lodging services are considered great advantages to Cotemar since few companies offer the same services to their clients. Cotemar is proud to offer on-site employees that will ensure the comfort of the employees of their clients while working at sea.

EOS Lip Balm: Upstaging Competition one Orb at a Time

Applying lipstick is rather a mundane undertaking. It seems devoid of fun to the untrained eyes. Therefore, adding fun to the rather mundane process presents a unique business opportunity. It is this unique business opportunity that Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky came together close to a decade ago to exploit by founding Evolution of Smooth (EOS). The product of their market analysis and strategizing was a lip balm in a spherical orb that has revolutionized the fashion aisle and upstaged established industry players. Their innovative product targeting drugstores and supermarkets created new platforms for competition: unique design. This marked a clear distinction from the common practice in the market where industry players used pricing as the primary competition platform, read more. The founders’ creativity and industry experience saw them set a uniform product price of $3, which was within the range offered by the competitors. However, their unique product added fun to lip balm application and soon upstaged competitors in terms of market share and sales volume. With the market expected to rise in the coming years, the company’s sales volume, which currently stands at 1million units per week is projected to continue rising. Blog Reference:

EOS’s meteoric rise as one of the leading companies the lip balm industry has been hinged on strategic decisions made by the management. By eliminating pricing as a platform for competition, EOS raised the bar for competition. Its price is affordable for many customers including millennials, refer to This is the primary target for the company due to their purchasing power and fashion consciousness. Towards this end, the company initiated an aggressive social media campaigning across various platforms including Facebook and YouTube. The various celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Demi Levato and Kim Kardashian who have been seen in public using the product or working as product spokesperson have also played a critical role in the popularity of the brand.

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Born Leader, Vincent Parascanda

With over 25 years of experience in his industry, Vincent Parascanda has climbed his way to the top. As the current Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC, Parascanda oversees the sales, management development, recruiting, retention, productivity and the development of new and experienced financial professionals for all the Advisor branches through-out the United States. AXA Advisors are what is concerned to be the broker/dealer and retail distribution side of the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company located in New York. Parascanda is a part of one of the top premier insurance companies in the nation. One of his roles is to oversee the financial professional’s which can be up to 6,000 strong. Vincent Parascanda works for AXA Equitable which is only a small subsidiary for AXA Financial INC, which is a large worldwide financial company. Vinny Parascanda entered the AXA financial company as an Executive Vice President. He has held multiple positions in the company as a President of the Advantage Group, Northern Division and the Continental Division before ending in his current position. He also spent almost two years as the Chef Sales Officer and President of the Continental Division. Before working at AXA Equitable, Parascanda spent a lot of time building his career at The MONY Group where he held positions lie Managing Director, Sales Manager and Field Vice President. Parascanda started his career at Irving Trust Company as a Systems Analyst. After two years, he went to Prudential Insurance to be an Agent for two years. Throughout Parascanda career, he has received numerous of awards and has been recognized for his leadership plenty of times. Like the GAMAs Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Vincent Parascanda was once the President of the Florida Chapter of the GAMA but is still a proud member. He also is the past Chairman of the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. Over the years Vincent Parascanda has been known for his skills in Financial Services, Retirement Planning, Estate and Asset Management. He has risen in his field due to his ability to show great leadership and provide companies with amazing management skills, no matter how many people he was overseeing.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Assists Her Community Medically and Through Outreach Programs

In Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden works to help others feel good about themselves. She grew up in Austin and attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. She graduated at the top of her graduating class before moving to New York to become a fellow at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat center.

When Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews finished her fellowship, she decided to start her own practice. In New York City, Dr. Walden was a successful plastic surgeon and after giving birth to a set of twins, she decided to move back to Austin to allow for her children to be surrounded by family. Once she knew she would return to Austin, Dr. Walden opened a private practice in Austin. She thought that it would take time for her new business to take off however by the time she was back in the Austin area permanently, she already had people booking surgery.

Once she got settled back into Austin, Dr. Walden knew it was time to also become involved in his community. She knew that too many people were going hungry and therefore decided to partner with FIT, a non-profit who helps school age children have food in their homes when not in school. This program helps those in need who attend school and receive free or reduced lunches.

Each year a man and woman are honored for their outreach in the community and a runner up is then selected. The man and woman who helped out the community is given an award that shows the appreciation of the community. This last year, Dr. Walden was the runner up woman of the year. Click here to know more.

Dr. Walden has been a success within her community for helping those in need both within the medical field as well as outside of the field. With her help, hundreds have been helped to make them feel beautiful once more. She aids those who need help with breast augmentation, liposuction as well as lifts. With the limited number of women in the cosmetic surgery field, she knew that she could be a success by helping women regain their confidence.

Beneful, for Health and for Play:

There is a common theme through many of Beneful’s commercials. The varieties of dog food they offer are not only for the health of your pet, but also to keep them active. To that end, their ads show dogs having fun. The biggest example of this is a commercial that runs nearly a minute and a half on YouTube with an almost domino like play course, usually known as a Goldberg machine. It starts off with dogs fetching a tennis ball, and includes a platform where one dog launches a Frisbee to another dog, and a wagon full of puppies that knocks over a big tennis ball, which knocks over a bag of dog food that another dog consumes.

Other commercials show owners and their dogs at play, either running around or using a toy to entertain the pet. It is all part of a light hearted theme to promote the food. But along with showing dogs they are having fun, the commercials also taut the health benefits of Beneful. Ingredients in these blends include beef, egg, oatmeal and other natural foods designed to give a dog good health and the energy necessary to have the active lifestyle shown in these commercials.

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