Dr. Walden Brings Practice Surgery Practice to Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is certainly getting people interested in more breast augmentations and face lifts. She is giving a lot of people something to think about because she has performed so many surgical procedures. Dr. Walden has been able to provide customers with a lot of information on technology that is being used for rhinoplasty and eyelid lifts.

Dr. Walden realizes that she is not a commonality in the plastic surgery field. She is been a doctor of plastic surgery for years, and she knows that she is a minority as a woman in the business. She has worked super hard to become one of the best in the country, and that is why she has won awards and gained the respect that she has gained. Waldens has spent a lot of time analyzing the technology advancements, and she has performed may procedures like liposuction to help women improve their confidence.

The face lifts, according to Dr. Walden, are the most expensive. She has stated that these procedures that cost around $10,000. The breast augmentation is around $7,000. This is has become a profitable industry and she has become one of the leading professionals with the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Click here to know more about her.

Dr. Walden has made the transition back to Austin after establishing herself in Manhattan. She has been a big help to Texas now that she has moved back to Texas. She realized that there are only a dozen female plastic surgeons in the state.

She has managed to inspire many women that are interested in this field. She has made it possible for many females to get an inside look at the field of plastic surgery. Walden has been vocal about what is is doing, and she hopes to inspire even more women to pursue this career path.


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