Amicus Therapies – Leading Biotechnology Company

A global biotechnology company that provides advanced therapy with the ability to treat a wide range of devastating rare diseases is Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. They have a highly intelligent developmental team that is catered to treating human genetic disease. The company is located in Cranbury, New Jersey, where they have been providing treatments since 2007 under the NASDAQ trading symbol FOLD (GoogleFinance). Amicus has a history of being funded by a variety of venture capital firms that include Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and many others. They continually focus their efforts of diseases with particular disorders called lysosomal storage disorders. Amicus Therapeutics divides much of their concentration to focus on Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy that demonstrates a platform of development geared towards enzyme replacement therapies. In 2014, Amicus was known for having the largest portfolio of small molecule pharmacological chaperones in the entire pharmaceutical industry.


Amicus Global produced migalastat which is a treatment for Fabry disease that helps to stabilize endogenous mutant alpha-galactosidase. They eventually took part in a three-year collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline and JCR Pharmaceutical to further research the coformulation with recombinant alpha-galactosidase. The combined efforts were performed from 2010 – 2013. Amicus decided to open another site in 2008 which they placed in San Diego.


For many years, Amicus Global has been producing lifesaving treatments for those who suffer from genetic disorders. They utilize the most advanced technology with state of the art trained engineers to provide the best products available in the industry. Their platform of technology and products administered with a unique potential rate them to be one of the leading companies in the world ( They work hard to continue to provide excellent services for each patient and give them hope for a better future. With their expanding expertise and services throughout the nation, you can expect to hear more from their prosperous work. The employees at Amicus believe in the fight for life and work to support the patient along with their families. They are passionate about what they do and believe in the ethics of the business along with their passion to make a difference.

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Did you know Arthritis Affects 1 out of Every 4 Adults? We did. Osteo Relief Institute Knows Arthritis!

Although very common, arthritis is not understood by most. Did you know there are more than 100 forms of arthritis? Did you know that over 50 million people have some form of arthritis? Did you know arthritis is more common in women than men and is one of the leading causes of disability in our nation. Osteo Relief Institute, Jersey Shore, knows. Osteo Relief Institute knows because we know arthritis.

Did you know that Osteoarthritis, is the most common form of arthritis? When the protective barrier between two bones becomes thin, the bones will begin rubbing together. This rubbing ultimately causes the inflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Some of the most common factors that contribute to osteoarthritis are being over weight, family history of osteoarthritis, advanced age and having had a previous injury to your joint.

Since osteoarthritis is incurable, it is important for patients to learn self-management techniques to keep the pain and progression in check. Believe it or not, one of the best ways to help alleviate pain is by stretching and doing low impact exercises.

Osteo Relief Institute, conveniently located in Wall Township, New Jersey, can help you manage your arthritis pain. We know arthritis and we specialize in arthritis pain management. At your initial consultation, we will thoroughly discuss your symptoms to make certain our treatment options can help you get the relief you are looking for. You will be treated like family and not simply regarded as another patient with arthritis. We will evaluate you, your specific needs, your specific pain, and your specific goals (AliveNewspaper). We take that information and design you a treatment plan. We answer questions and discuss your arthritis plan and progress with you. Osteo Relief Institute knows how important it is to be able to get on with your life!

Here at Osteo Relief Institute, Jersey Shore, we have the most advanced equipment to provide accurate treatment plans for pain management of your arthritis condition. We are committed to helping you stay active. We have highly trained staff and board-certified physicians who will use minimal stress techniques with little or no downtime. We strive for long-term self-management solutions.

Osteo Relief Institute understands arthritis, we know how painful it can be. Our number one goal is to provide you with relief. No one wants to see a loved one suffer from pain, especially pain that can be managed. If the plan we devise is not working, we will review other available options. Osteo Relief Institute will help you make the right decision for continued improvement with your arthritic pain, whether it be management, medication or surgery.

Osteo Relief Institute is located at 1985 State Route 34, Ste. A8, Wall Township, New Jersey. Our goal is to get you back to doing the things you enjoy.

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The Jack of all Trades- Eli Gershkovitch

It is no secret that beer is considered to be one of the most popular alcoholic beverages of all times! It has the perfect mix of carbonation tainted with just a touch of bitterness that is oh so delicious after a hard days work. One country, in particular, is beginning to do beer a tad bit differently, and by different, I do mean better!

The new millennial generation is taking a whole new approach to beer and the way it is made. Micro-breweries are now on the rise, and the Canadian beer market is proving it in a big way. The amount of traditional beer being bought in Canada has pretty much flatlined; however, the craft beer market has been growing tremendously. Some of the most notable Canadian micro-breweries that are offering spectacular options of craft beers include the Central City Brewing Company, Black Oak Brewery, and Steamworks.

Central City brewery is a fast growing brewery located in Surrey British Columbia. They are most noted for their accomplishment of winning Brewery of The Year at the Canadian Brewery Awards in 2012. Their flavors and taste profile is usually described as fruity, hoppy with a hint of malt. They started out small but are finishing in a big way!

The Black Oak Brewery of Etobicoke, Ontario is also known for cranking out some great home style craft beer. This small brewery and bottling company prides themselves on keeping quality products by promoting small business with big initiatives. They are most known for their porters and stouts, which are noted to have a sweeter tastefewerh less hops. If your interested in small breweries with quality products, this might be the place for you.

The final brewery I would like to talk about regarding quality craft beer would be Steamworks Brewery. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Steamworks Brewery, is the CEO himself, Eli Gershkovich ( Eli Gershkovich is somewhat of a free spirit, who values the simple things in life and his business philosophy has always been centered around freedom. His motto has always been to never give up control of his company simply for profit. He started the company back in 1995; however, craft beer was not a huge enterprise back then as it is today so growth was slow. Since then he created quite an embassy and is ranking highly among the top beer connoisseurs.

Eli started his craft beer brewing business in the historic little town called Gastown just north of Vancouver. One of the most impressive facts about this small town brewery turned into a large and very successful business is the way it was started. Eli was one of the first people to utilize steam power into the brewing process. Steam-powered brewing has always been the a difficult method for most breweries to get into due to the extremely tight rules and legal proceedings involved with it (ReleaseFact). Eli Gershkovich just happens to also be a lawyer, therefore making it much easier for him to figure out the rules and regulations involved with it.

Eli has proven his success not only from his innovative ideas, and excellent business practices, but also through his achievements recognized globally. His brewery, Steamworks, took home a total of 24 awards at the 2017 U.S Open Beer Championship. He has also gained a lot of attention and praise from local beer connoisseurs who particularly like his famous Flagship IPA. His positive attitude combined with his eagerness to succeed has definitely paid off and as far as the ever-growing beer industry is concerned, Eli Gershkovitch most definitely will continue to make a statement.


Edisoft and Measuring Success

The business environment is constantly changing. The supply and demand still drive the market but the way people chose companies they like is different than it was even five years ago. It now more competitive than ever since the traditional businesses now also compete with online shopping. People like the convenience, but they also like companies they trust. Transparency, honesty and open communication are some of the things people need to take into account when they want to succeed. It is also now more important than ever to measure business performance. Delivering goods need to happen in a timely fashion and companies here take a leaf out of the railway handbook.


Railways and shipyards measure time the journeys happen with high precision. All journeys are time-stamped to make sure they are performing with efficiency and on time (Contact). Train journeys need to be timed to avoid any problems on the railway lines. Multiple-leg journeys need to be monitored for the time because time is money and most companies want to utilize their investment.


One of the ways how to measure performance and on time performance especially is to trust a particular software to do it. Edisoft is a company that offers businesses new and improved software solutions to help them measure performance.


Edisoft created software that allows companies to monitor the different journeys the deliveries and various means of transportation make. The same software also allows the data to be fed back to the managers and supervisors and then processed.


The best performing businesses not just monitor the way they perform. Edisoft allows companies use the data and expand on it enabling them to see where the next business opportunity might lead. It allows businesses to have the upper hand since all the data is synchronized, accurate and comes in on time. All the different parts of a business are interlinked, and the financial aspect also comes into play.


Revenue, after all, is the best way to measure success and if anything else helps the company to maximize this aspect, it is a definite success. More and more businesses see this point as important and utilize it as much as possible.


Glen Wakeman Gives Talented Entrepreneurs a Fighting Chance

The truth is that there are many people who want to try their hand at being an entrepreneur. However, most of them fail. Many people would like to think that it is their lack of creativity that caused them to ultimately fail. Many would be surprised to find out that many of the failed entrepreneurs actually have a lot of talent and good ideas. When people find that out, it makes the success and failure of entrepreneurial attempts seem quite arbitrary. However, there is one thing that separates the success from the failures. This is access to resources.

Glen Wakeman understands the frustrations that many entrepreneurs face when they are trying to get something off of the ground. When he has looked into the issue that entrepreneurs are faced with, he has found one common issue among failed attempts at making a life as an entrepreneur. One thing that he has found is that a lot of the ideas they had lacked structure ( One thing that many people didn’t understand is that there is a major difference between an idea and a plan. While ideas can come up out of the blue, it takes a little bit of time in order to actually formulate a plan. It takes even longer to make a plan that is manageable.

Glen Wakeman has developed a passion for helping entrepreneurs bring structure to their ideas (AliveNewspaper). This passion has resulted in him creating a business that is designed for transformative business opportunities. With his business, Glen Wakeman is able to help aspiring entrepreneurs think through their ideas and come up with a reasonable plan that is going to bring them the success that they need in order to decide what they want to do with their business. Glen Wakeman gives entrepreneurs just what they need to move forward with their ideas.

Kevin Seawright: The Driving Force Behind Making Houses More Affordable in Baltimore

Kevin Seawright, the managing partner and founder of RPS Solutions, has announced a new partnership with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) in a project that will see low to moderate the income communities’ benefit from affordable housing.

Founded in January of 2015, RPS Solutions is an organization that is committed to making home ownership a dream for a diverse society.

By providing affordable housing to people, the group believes that it will help improve the economic status of residents by transforming neighborhoods while stabilizing lives at the same time.

The NCST or Stabilization Trust is a non-profit based out in Washington, D.C. that works at facilitating the transfer of abandoned and foreclosed properties by financial institutions across the country.

Jointly developed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the trust works with community-based organizations, local and state governments.

Together with RPS Solutions and other development organizations in Baltimore, NCST expects to ease homeownership by making it more affordable for would-be buyers.

Under its First Look acquisition program, the non-profit has managed to obtain REO properties in specific areas before they receive mass marketing. Read more; Newark economic development group names CFO

Kevin Seawright, based out in Baltimore, Maryland, is in charge of handling tasks like overseeing everyday operations and all activities within RPS Solutions.

In his role, Kevin Seawright is also responsible for maintaining and producing stability in the work environment by implementing systems and controls that help things flow as efficiently as possible.

Kevin was a feature in the 2015 New Jersey business journal after he joined the Newark Community Economic Development Team (NCEDC). His role at the NCEDC also attracted the attention of Market Wired and MarketWatch. In his role at RPS Solutions, he has featured in several PRNewswire press releases, and on the Larry Young morning show.

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Information and Tips of Freedom Financial

This article will recap another article about a company called Freedom Financial. First some general information. Freedom Financial is a company that assists in financial help. It started from a spare bedroom in Silicon Valley in 2002. It gives millions of consumers with winning solutions. These are for personal loans, mortgage shopping, and debt settlement. The President is John W. Baker and the Vice President is Kevin Gallegos. This article will go into how Freedom Financial has assisted with families going back to school. The company will help plan for school at times when organization needs to happen and get ready for the transition from summer to the start of the school.

One of them is to get the school list done early. There are sometimes when there are temptations to start preparations right away. Vice President Gallegos as a recommendation of getting a supply list from the school of the child. It can be received from the school online or from mail.

Another suggestion is to establish a budget for back to school. The budget includes setting goals for the child and the parent. The budget would include things like clothing and supplies then sticking to them. Vice President Gallegos has a suggestion of shopping early and also waiting till clearance sales begin. Determining what to get first and last on the list determines on what is most important and least important. After that is under control it is time to go to the store and get some back-to-school purchases over with. For more info about us: click here.

Another suggestion involves extracurricular activities. There are many possibilities on what to do there are art, sports, and theater, and many other possible activities. But Freedom Financial suggests to keep 1-2 activities a year. Also, not interfering with sleep, homework, or school.

Jason Hope On Technologies That Are Going To Shape Our Future

Jason Hope is known in many quarters as a serial entrepreneur and committed philanthropist. The business leader hails from the Arizona area of the United States. With particular interests in the fields of technology and healthcare, Jason Hope has built some successful enterprises in these sectors. Lately, Jason Hope has decided to focus most of his energies on a technology that is bound to change our lives as we know them. The technology will enable individuals to interact with physical objects in their environment much as we do with our smartphones. It’s called the Internet of Things, and it has the potential of increasing our output within the same amount of time.

In various recent interviews, Jason Hope has helped break down the whole concept of the Internet of Things. According to the entrepreneur, the question is not whether the Internet of Things is going to be part of our daily lives, rather the question is when will that happen? Jason Hope and other committed entrepreneurs are keen to tap into the new opportunities presented by technology.

Jason Hope is a graduate of the Arizona State University. The businessman holds a bachelor’s degree in the finance discipline and a postgraduate degree in business administration. When Jason Hope discovered that mobile phones were going to change how people communicate, He decided to start up a company in mobile technology. His decision was both wise and timely. Jason Hope has made a lot of fortune from the enterprise. That is why the seasoned business leader is always ready to exploit new opportunities in different sectors of the economy.

Most of Jason Hope’s fortune comes from his businesses in the field of technology. The first enterprise Jason Hope built in this area was called Jawa and was his stepping stone into a sector with endless opportunities. Jason’s other firms help businesses, and individuals get software and advertisement solutions. Jason maintains self-criticism that keeps him on a constant quest of trying to better himself and his enterprises.

Jason Hope demonstrated his ability to create successful businesses when he began Jawa. The mobile communications company ventured into a field that requires a lot of capital and a wide range of skilled personnel. Within the short time that Jawa has operated, Jason Hope has managed to re-invent various processes at the company to ensure that the firm serves its clients efficiently to learn more about us: click here.

His ability to remain hands-on has contributed to the success of his enterprises. Jason Hope is also involved in initiatives that aim to nurture budding entrepreneurs and to provide them with opportunities that can enable them to innovate excellent products. Apart from being successful in business, Jason Hope is also a family man.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Rushes to the Top

There is a new company in the bottled water industry, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. This water was designed by Ryan Emmons and is meant to be a sustainable product with health benefits including easily recycled packaging that when profit is made, gives back to communities that need the proceeds. Waiakea water comes from the Mauna Loa volcano. The filtration process is natural that passes through the peak as well as mountain streams until the water reaches the aquifers. This water is so unique that it comes from a place with no pollution which is rare to find anywhere on earth in these times.

The water is alkaline, which is a health benefit coming from ionization on Mauna Loa that does not use machines to accomplish. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is more than just making water for consumers. The company donates to parts of the world with less water to drink, as in, parts of Africa, and specifically, Malawi. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water also contains silica from a natural source.

Waiakea Water is socially conscious in that it has united with Pump Aid, a non-profit desiring to install water pumps in rural Africa, specifically in underdeveloped areas of Malawi. The company has given 1.35 million people access to plumbing, and clean water. Less people are going to die of thirst in Africa because of one water company. Waiakea Water has a Ph of 7.8 and 8.8 as one of its physical properties. The other fact about Waiakea Water is the water qualifies as Carbon Neutral, which means it does not produce carbon to make the water that comes from a natural source. Waiakea Water also participates in reforestation efforts as part of their sustainability and recycling practices they feel responsible for. The source of this water is all-natural.

Securus Technologies Is Caring

In the public safety industry, there is one company that stands out from all the rest. The name of the company is Securus Technologies. They are in demand from correction facilities and other companies all across the nation. Their work is known worldwide, and they are respected for it.


Securus Technologies wanted the company to see firsthand what they do, and why it is so important to the nation as a whole. They had them visit their TX office for a tour and presentation. The people were glad that they visited, and they gained a lot of information from it.


The company received quite a bit of emails and remarks that depicted how much the company’s technologies have benefited their correction facilities. In an effort to let the public see what was said, they formulated an article and publicized it.


Securus Technologies creates new and ingenious ways to protect the public’s safety on a weekly basis. They are a step ahead of the rest of their competitors at all times. Since they are in constant demand for what they can do, they have an excellent staff that can accomplish any mission that they are sent on. It is evident that they will continue their leader in the public safety sector well into the future.