Israeli Envoy Daniel Taub Is Most Popular Diplomat to the UK

Daniel Taub is an Israeli Diplomat best known for his role as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. His tenure as the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom ran from 2011 to 2015. He is a lawyer who specialized in counter-terrorism and the laws of war and an expert in international law.

Daniel Taub has been appointed to many posts in the Israeli Foreign Ministry in diplomatic, legal and political capacities. One of his appointments in his role as a lawyer was to serve as the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

His role was to be the legal adviser to Israel’s mission to the United Nations in New York and Geneva. He currently serves as a director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation at Jerusalem.

Daniel Taub is the second UK-born to be appointed an Israel ambassador to Britain. Having been born, raised and schooled in the United Kingdom, Taub had to give up his British citizenship to his appointment as an ambassador. The Queen is remembered to have asked Mr. Taub how he felt about serving as an ambassador in the land he had called home for most of his younger years.

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He saw his appointment as an ambassador of Israel an opportunity to show his appreciation for the opportunity and hope his family hand found in the United Kingdom while on exile by bringing the two countries closer.

That vision saw the tenure of Daniel Taub as an ambassador being marked by a remarkably cordial relationship between the two countries. The trade between Israel and the UK doubled during that time. He also met academics, researchers, and businesspersons urging them to foster co-operation between the two countries.

This indeed gave rise to more formal and joint research cooperation that continues to benefit both Israel and the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub is therefore regarded as the most famous Israeli Ambassador since the time of Shlomo Argov.

When he handed in his resignation four years later, Daniel Taub was confident that his vision of strengthening ties between his motherland and the United Kingdom had been achieved. The Jewish community in Britain also expressed their happiness with success at nurturing better relations in the two countries.

For his success during his short tenure, Daniel Taub received a nomination for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award in recognition of his efforts in developing business and trade.

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