Sentient AI Powering the E-commerce Sector with Artificial Intelligence Technology

The e-commerce industry has been changing at a rapid pace, and it is primarily due to the advances in the field of technology. The new and advanced technology that has been entering the e-commerce sector has helped tremendously in changing the industry entirely as it helps the consumers get seamless services at low costs. People can now conveniently buy just about everything they want from the comfort of their home, without having to pay a considerable amount. The e-commerce companies are also trying their best to ensure that the consumer experience continues to improve with time and technology is what helps in making that possible.

One of the new technologies that have helped in the development of the e-commerce sector is the artificial intelligence technology. The e-commerce companies are using AI technology for the e-commerce personalization for its customers, which helps in enhancing the consumers experience greatly. As the competition among the e-commerce companies continue to increase at a rapid pace, it is essential for the companies to find new ways to lure and keep the customers.

The use of artificial intelligence helps the consumers to shop with ease online and provides them with the means to find the product they are looking for without any hassles. As there are thousands of products online, the artificial intelligence technology works like a virtual salesman to help the customers figure out what’s best for them and the product they are precisely looking for. It makes shopping at e-commerce site much more comfortable.

One of the companies that have been playing a vital role in the development of the artificial intelligence technology is Sentient AI. The company provides a wide range of AI-powered tools and features for the e-commerce companies, which helps them get an edge over its competitors. The use of AI-powered technology also makes it easier for the companies to provide better customer service, which is one of the key factors that decide the success and fame a company is going to achieve in its niche.

With time, the field of e-commerce is changing and adapting to new technologies as it comes to the fore. It is essential for evolution and to meet the increasing demands of the customers, and artificial intelligence technology is what is helping the e-commerce companies provide better products and services to the end users. If you are an e-commerce company, who want to ensure that your customers can navigate through your site with ease and make a purchase due to e-commerce personalization, using AI technology is highly helpful.

Incredible Services Offered by Securus Technologies

Communication represents a very important tool on all platforms. Without proper communication, some unfortunate things that are preventable can happen. Inmates, just like other people, also need a channel that will ensure that they communicate with friends and families at home and catch up once in a while. Securus Technologies is one of the leading companies when it comes to offering telephone services at correctional centers. The products offered by this company have made it easy for individuals incarcerated to talk to their families and friends more often than they previously could the crime prevention technology that is provided by Secures Technologies has also boosted the efforts of law enforcement agencies in preventing crime.


Many companies have invested in offering the telephone services in correctional facilities. However, the services offered by Secures Technologies are customized, and this is why they have been able to be at the top of this industry. Their products are designed in such a way that payments are made conveniently, and the communication network is free from interruption. They also allow the inmates to leave a message for their relatives and friends in case they are unable to reach them.


Secures Technologies continues not only to ensure that people in prisons get in touch with their family members and friends regularly, but they also have boosted the efforts of law enforcement agencies. Prisons have been grateful for the support accorded to them by crime prevention technology that is offered by Secures Technologies. What is even encouraging is the fact that the company can provide these services at a low price. Secures Technologies continues to be the leading service provider in correctional centers. The communication service offered by this company has made sure that inmates are able to keep in touch with their families. This has helped them even more as they do not feel abandoned as they used to.


George Soros’ $18 Billion Donation to the Open Society Foundation Transforms the Foundation into the US second leading philanthropic organization

When it comes to describing George Soros, a lot can be said about him. On one hand, there are those who refer him as a boogeyman, especially in the world of politics and the financial market. On the other hand, there are those who see him as a soft and kind person. For example, the Open Society Foundation describes George Soros a philanthropist who changes the lives of many.

Soros the Philanthropist

When it comes to charity, George Soros is amongst the most celebrated philanthropist. He has recently given $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation to aid in the organization’s work. According to New York Times, this is one of the biggest wealth transfers ever completed by a private donor to one foundation. The transfer has transformed the foundation into the US second leading philanthropic organization (after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). It is also predicted that it will draw a lot of conservative critics, especially considering the political and social debates that are currently convulsing the country.

This is not the first philanthropic activity that Mr. Soros has been involved in. He remains one of the largest donors to Democrat causes. He funded Mrs. Clinton and in the last general election, Mr. Soros donated millions to PACs that opposed Mr. Trump candidature, and supported many Democratic causes and candidates.

He has also been funding Open Society Foundation for decades through yearly donations of $800-900. However, he increased his donations in the past few years as part of his estate planning strategy, bringing the Foundation’s endowment to $18 billion this year.

Soros the Boogeyman

For over 20 years, George Soros has been at the center of several conspiracy theories. There are those who look at him and see a man who controls the world’s wealth. Despite lack of logic evidence, there are a number of individuals who see George as a puppet chief who secretly controls the world’s economy. He is also seen as very influential in the political realms. Read this article on Politico about George.

Since he got into hedge fund business in the 1980s, Mr. Soros has been at the core of conspiracies. He is worth $25 billion, and this status attracts critics. Soros’ decision to invest his wealth in politics has made him one of the most criticized figures of this age. As a political activist, George Soros has been criticized for influencing the political dimensions in the US.

Soros’ Profile

George Soros is a Hungarian-born businessman and philanthropist. He was able to survive the Nazi Occupation (1944-1945) which saw over 50,000 Jews murdered. He left Hungary in 1947 and migrated to the UK. He worked as a part-time railway porter and nightclub waiter to fund his college education at the London School of Economics. George moved to the US in 1946 and got into hedge fund business. He launched his first hedge fund brand in 1970 known as Soros Fund Management. The company formed the basis of his business success, especially in the hedge fund. Learn more about George at


At the age of 86, George Soros name is still mentioned by many. This is mainly because of his achievements in business and philanthropy. He has changed the lives of many through charity. His philanthropy side outweighs the criticized side. In spite of the political and economy scrutiny, George Soros is a humble and soft guy.


Rocketship Education Transformation through Public Charter Schools

For centuries, education remains the key to any developing nation. However, equitable distribution of education and opportunities has long remained un-addressed. A case in point of a city facing enormous challenges in education is San Jose. According to The Atlantic article, this city formerly served as the center of the American Dream. Another report released by the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University demonstrates that education was reasonably accessible by children from low-income families. In the recent past, low-income families have become exceedingly less advantaged in accessing quality education.

The recent trend in the country has resulted to segregation of the rich and poor. The cost of living has rapidly increased, and middle-class jobs have become minimal as a result calling for a better public education system.

Rocketship Education is a profounder non-profit network of public charter schools that is highly committed to improving the current education system. Rocketship Education works in close collaboration with parents, educators, and other community organizations. This new school system has helped several learners to gain access to quality education. The program now has 25 public charter schools which have already registered excellent performance result.

Rocketship Education was first established in 2007. According to Stanford University Center for Research on Education Outcomes, English students and learners who attend a high performing charter school annually gain a month of added learning in math and reading.

Several district schools such as Franklin-McKinley School District and Alum Rock Union Elementary School District now work in partnership with charter schools. The collaboration is particularly aimed to boost the overall performance of students while preparing them for college.

Rocketship Education has received continued support from business leaders. For instance, Reed Hastings, the chief executive officer at Netflix, recently gave $100 million in support of local education. Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer at Facebook, together with his wife, Priscilla, committed part of their wealth to education. He also donated engineers to build advanced learning platform for charter schools.

Preston Smith, the chief executive officer and co-founder at Rocketship Education is personally committed to making sure that Rocketship becomes a success in San Jose and beyond.

Logan Stouts Philanthropic Activities that helped Hurricane Harvey Victims.

Logan Stout is a renowned entrepreneur with a myriad of achievements it’s the corporate sector. The businessman was also a professional athlete during his childhood days. He is well-known as a baseball player and a successful coach living in Dallas, Texas. Logan Stout is always on the forefront to ensure that individuals succeed in their endeavors, by initiating startup businesses for them. He receives an incredible reputation in the business world for helping others achieve their professional lives. The hardcore entrepreneur is a motivational speaker who is sought by various organizations and institutions throughout America. As a dynamic individual, Logan Stout’s resilience towards success is unimaginable impressive.

The businessman is a writer with several publications that target to motivate individuals to reach their goals. Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams is among books that he has produced. After completing his university education, Logan Stout attended Panola College where he acquired a business degree. His excellent academic track record enabled him to join the University of Dallas, where he pursued a degree in psychology. After graduating, the businessman used his academic credentials to secure several job opportunities in the business world. He is a board member of various organizations in the United States including the American Heart Association of North Texas, Youth Athletes Foundation, and Boys and Girls Club of Collin County. He is a founder of several organizations including IDLife and Dallas Patriots Inc., which were established in 2014 and 2000 respectively.

IDLife is a renowned company that offers products and services that supplements dietary. The firm has its offices situated in Frisco, Texas. The nutritional supplement firm assists individuals who seek supplements that help in weight reduction, boost energy, supercharge the immune system and increase metabolism. The company meets and exceeds needs of its clients, which made the firm to be among the top 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the universe. IDLife earns an incredible reputation for supplying nutritional products that are organic. Logan Stout oversees all the operations of the firm. He also ensures that employees of the company are competent and skilled, which helps to enhance the growth expansion of business.

When Hurricane Harvey encountered Frisco, several businesses and homes in the city were damaged including Logan Stout’s investments. The businessman through his philanthropic activities partnered with several organizations to help individuals who were affected by the hurricane. Hurricane Harvey victims received donations from the entrepreneur that enabled them to pick up with their lives.

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Health Screening at Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a successful company that is privately run and focused on the wellness and prevention. The company was started in 1993 and has its main offices located in Austin, Texas. Lifeline performs health screening services on community basis particularly for adults who reside in the United States. Colin Scully and Timothy Philips are the main founders of Lifeline Screening. They established the company after they spotted a chance in the wellness and prevention sector. Both Colin and Timothy have worked in the health sector for a long period and has extensive skills and experience when it comes to healthy living. They serve as the company’s top executives and share the same vision and goals with the company.

Lifeline Screening has exhibited massive growth and success since it was founded many years ago. Through the exemplary leadership of Timothy and Colin, the company has managed to expand and now has its operations in the United Kingdom. By 1998, Lifeline Screening had its operations all over the United States and offers screenings to more than 500,000 people in the country. The company recently included the finger-stick blood testing for inflammation, diabetes, and complete cholesterol count to its health screening services. Lifeline Screening has employed top experienced physicians who possess the right skills and knowledge needed to perform screening services efficiently.

In 2007, Lifeline Screening launched its services in the United Kingdom. In 2008 it included the atrial fibrillation screenings to its screening services. Lifeline also began providing their services in 2012 in Australia and was known as Screen for Life. Since it was established, Lifeline Screening has conducted over a million screenings, and this includes ultrasound scans, electrocardiographs, and blood screenings. Lifeline uses the above screenings to detect diseases such as peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm as well as atrial fibrillation.

Lifeline Screening offers simple, non-invasive and quick health screenings. Most of the time, a client requires very minimum or even no preparation when going for screening. People are however advised to wear loose clothing that will not interfere with the screening procedure. It is also important to wear short sleeves and avoid turtlenecks when going for a health screening. Doctors advise patients to put on an open collar shirt that is also short sleeved when preparing for health screening of carotid artery disease and atrial fibrillation. Patients should also not apply any oil or lotion; wear a watch and pantyhose.

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The Political Action Committee, End Citizens United

Formed in 2015 of March, End Citizens United has been in the forefront opposing massive funding of political aspirants running for various public offices. The sponsors of such frequently hold the politician’s hostage and the leader end up becoming a proxy. People who help steer the movement are small regular people who are patriotic of their state and the country as a whole. They contribute and make pledges that have helped the PAC stable and running. The organization is determined to ensure that the people who are brought to office are reformists who will not let the citizens electing them down.

Regarding finances, they are well, and by August of 2015, they had more than 2 million dollars, and they are of late worth more than 30 million dollars. Their good cause has been appreciated by the population. When you visit their website, you will learn more about them their Twitter and Facebook handles are about their latest news, they also encourage the people who want to be leaders to join the group. They will be supported financially and endorsed as non-partisan leaders who will be taking care of the people’s needs.

Read more: Randy Bryce Is the Perfect Fit for End Citizens United

There is a race for a congress seat where Randy Bryce is running, and End Citizens United has endorsed him. The candidate has been receiving help financially by the organization this is because they have been looking for leaders who are opposed to the Supreme Court ruling of 2010. They want individuals that will put the citizens first. Paul Ryan is now going to have a high opposition from Randy Bryce. He is already creating ripples in the inner circle of the speaker Paul Ryan. End Citizens United are seeing that the race that is yet to come is a battle between giants and the whole country will watch it keenly.

People who will vote are going to be given a choice between a status quo and another of economic, social and legislative change. Bryce has good principles that aim at standing up for the people and opposing a regime that is oppressing the poor. He is vocal on some points that he wants a connection between the Washington and the average local citizen. Bryce recognizes the fact that Ryan has more finances and links to the White House, but he believes that his ideologies will outshine the strategies that Ryan has in place.

Bryce has been continuously seeking to improve not only his life but the life of others by contributing to charities. Ryan, on the other hand, has been receiving easy money from large firms. They have in the long run held him hostage and is currently their slave. He, therefore, cannot fight for the interests of the typical American Citizen who is working hard to pay his bills and ensure that his/her family is comfortable.

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Reasons Why Boraie Development Deserves a Gold Star in Real Estate

Boraie Development was started by Omar Boraie in Brunswick. This is a town which he has dedicated his entire life towards its development. The company began as a small development project that later turned out to be one of the most respected, profitable real estate development company. The company is worth of millions of dollars.

Mr. Boraie has time and again attested his success to being persistent, learning from mistakes and always sticking to his vision of turning Brunswick into a world-class city. And his vision is stretching all the way to towns such as Atlantic City as well as Newark.

The Central Jersey Working Moms blog also happens to identify and acknowledge the good work that Boraie Development has been doing over the years. As far as the urban real estate market, they have managed to go such a great job, coming up with beautiful designs that blow their clients’ minds away.

They also help their clients secure development loans, and this is owed to their strong ties with some of the most prominent, most reputable financial institutions around. Boraie development company also has some of the best architects who are seen as futuristic visionaries.

These highly qualified architects make sure that they are getting the work done as efficiently as possible, bringing every client’s dream to reality. They also help their clients with crafting practical urban investment strategies that will fulfill every one of their goals without any problems at all.

Another essential part of Boraie Development is sales and marketing, a division that they also boast of having a great history with. They have sold well over $150 million worth of property (both residential as well as commercial properties). That said, they do know a thing or two about the loopholes of successful sales and marketing as far as real estate property goes. For more details visit

Lastly, clients can always count on Boraie Development to help with any form of property management deals you are in need of. And apart from developing Brunswick as well as the surrounding cities, Mr. Boraie, under the aegis of Boraie Development, has managed to donate millions to different charities as his part of giving back to society. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

On May 17th this year, Mr. Sam Boraie donated to Rutgers Cancer Research Fund in a bid to boost their efforts as they researched on better and less invasive ways of treating cancer. And that is just one of the many charitable acts he has under his belt. Check out his website

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