The Political Action Committee, End Citizens United

Formed in 2015 of March, End Citizens United has been in the forefront opposing massive funding of political aspirants running for various public offices. The sponsors of such frequently hold the politician’s hostage and the leader end up becoming a proxy. People who help steer the movement are small regular people who are patriotic of their state and the country as a whole. They contribute and make pledges that have helped the PAC stable and running. The organization is determined to ensure that the people who are brought to office are reformists who will not let the citizens electing them down.

Regarding finances, they are well, and by August of 2015, they had more than 2 million dollars, and they are of late worth more than 30 million dollars. Their good cause has been appreciated by the population. When you visit their website, you will learn more about them their Twitter and Facebook handles are about their latest news, they also encourage the people who want to be leaders to join the group. They will be supported financially and endorsed as non-partisan leaders who will be taking care of the people’s needs.

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There is a race for a congress seat where Randy Bryce is running, and End Citizens United has endorsed him. The candidate has been receiving help financially by the organization this is because they have been looking for leaders who are opposed to the Supreme Court ruling of 2010. They want individuals that will put the citizens first. Paul Ryan is now going to have a high opposition from Randy Bryce. He is already creating ripples in the inner circle of the speaker Paul Ryan. End Citizens United are seeing that the race that is yet to come is a battle between giants and the whole country will watch it keenly.

People who will vote are going to be given a choice between a status quo and another of economic, social and legislative change. Bryce has good principles that aim at standing up for the people and opposing a regime that is oppressing the poor. He is vocal on some points that he wants a connection between the Washington and the average local citizen. Bryce recognizes the fact that Ryan has more finances and links to the White House, but he believes that his ideologies will outshine the strategies that Ryan has in place.

Bryce has been continuously seeking to improve not only his life but the life of others by contributing to charities. Ryan, on the other hand, has been receiving easy money from large firms. They have in the long run held him hostage and is currently their slave. He, therefore, cannot fight for the interests of the typical American Citizen who is working hard to pay his bills and ensure that his/her family is comfortable.

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