Rocketship Education Transformation through Public Charter Schools

For centuries, education remains the key to any developing nation. However, equitable distribution of education and opportunities has long remained un-addressed. A case in point of a city facing enormous challenges in education is San Jose. According to The Atlantic article, this city formerly served as the center of the American Dream. Another report released by the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University demonstrates that education was reasonably accessible by children from low-income families. In the recent past, low-income families have become exceedingly less advantaged in accessing quality education.

The recent trend in the country has resulted to segregation of the rich and poor. The cost of living has rapidly increased, and middle-class jobs have become minimal as a result calling for a better public education system.

Rocketship Education is a profounder non-profit network of public charter schools that is highly committed to improving the current education system. Rocketship Education works in close collaboration with parents, educators, and other community organizations. This new school system has helped several learners to gain access to quality education. The program now has 25 public charter schools which have already registered excellent performance result.

Rocketship Education was first established in 2007. According to Stanford University Center for Research on Education Outcomes, English students and learners who attend a high performing charter school annually gain a month of added learning in math and reading.

Several district schools such as Franklin-McKinley School District and Alum Rock Union Elementary School District now work in partnership with charter schools. The collaboration is particularly aimed to boost the overall performance of students while preparing them for college.

Rocketship Education has received continued support from business leaders. For instance, Reed Hastings, the chief executive officer at Netflix, recently gave $100 million in support of local education. Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer at Facebook, together with his wife, Priscilla, committed part of their wealth to education. He also donated engineers to build advanced learning platform for charter schools.

Preston Smith, the chief executive officer and co-founder at Rocketship Education is personally committed to making sure that Rocketship becomes a success in San Jose and beyond.

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