Is Nutrisystem Good for Men?

Nutrisystem for men is a diet plan that provides men with a convenient, affordable and highly effective way to lose weight.

Work, family commitments, and gym expenses combine together to demotivate men from living a healthy lifestyle. The obligations are a great hassle to live a healthy lifestyle. While many men look forward to calorie counting and weighing every portion of food; some belief in spending hours in the gym.

Irrespective of the hurdles in the journey of staying fit, men can still take care of the health through effective diet plans.

Diet Meal Delivery Plans

The diet-meal delivery plans are pre-measured portions that provide you all the necessary nutrients and elements for a healthy body.

Measuring portions and taking care of each portion are a very tedious job and makes diet control process less effective. The Nutrisystem for men diet meal comes in pre-portioned packaging, making dieting a convenience for the busiest person in the world.

Men Lose Weight Differently- They Lose It Faster!

Men have naturally more muscles than women. The muscles have a higher metabolism than the fat, which helps in burning calories and fat. In comparison to women, men can intake more calorie and thus have fewer cravings for food and can burn the fat effectively.

The male sex hormone encourages more testosterone and higher metabolism, which is just the opposite of that in women.

The diet meal plan takes care of fulfilling the calorie requirement of men thus, trimming them down gradually.

Is It a Man’s Diet Plan?

The planned diet knows the calorie requirement of men and provides them with 1500 calories per day. The Nutrisystem is planned to fulfill the needs of wide range of categories that includes teenagers, diabetics, and people with heart ailments, thyroid and others. The systematic diet plan helps you lose up to 2lbs per week without cutting on your calorie count.

What will I eat?

For breakfast:

1. Waffles
2. Pancakes
3. Muffins
4. Granola cereal
5. Chocolate Biscotti

For lunch and dinners

1. Tuna
2. Mushrooms
3. Chicken breast
4. Meatloaf sandwich

Lean 13 for Men

The Lean 13 for Men is specially designed plan for people who want to lose weight faster. It is a 7-day turbo plan that loses weight drastically. It consists of;

1. 1 week specially designed meals
2. 7 days of probiotic protein shakes
3. 1 week of NutriCrush bars packed with fibers and hunger crushing elements.

The conventional diet plans follow after the 1st week of Turbo plans. In general, Men can lose up to 13lbs in the first month of Turbo Plan.

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