The Oncotarget’s Approaches on Breast Cancer and Its Awardees

You might be looking for articles on treatments for breast cancer. If that’s the case, then you should be able to find value in this article, where it talks about various ways that Oncotarget and Eureka Alert are pushing the studies on the breast cancer cure.

Sure, there are other articles out there that can tell you the same things, but it might only be with Oncotarget that you can find out why you should follow the research today. Shall we move on? Check Oncotarget at

The Eureka Alert Article About Oncotarget

I think it’s fantastic that we have right now new ways to understand breast cancer cure. I guess it was Nassim Taleb who proposed of the idea of Via Negative, where you get better, and you can get the cure for the illnesses we have in modern days if we get rid of the toxins.

That said, in the Eureka Alert article about Oncotarget, it was shown that there are now new research methods that can push the study of breast cancer to greater heights. One of these researches is the hormone therapy estrogen receptor beta, which has the ability to regulate how your body will react to cancer-causing cells. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

The PRNewswire Article

On another note, you may also want to consider the fact that Oncotarget has recently awarded four researchers in biomedical cancer science in their efforts to find the therapy needed for breast cancer. These four researchers come from various universities in the world, which include the Aligarh Muslim University, the University of Torino and the National Institute of Immunology India.

One target’s Editor In Chief Mikhail Blagosklonny said that these new awardees will push the discoveries and potentials in cancer research and will make sure that we are on the right path towards finding the cure.

It may also be necessary for your research to know that these four researchers have a contribution to how the new hormone therapy for breast cancer is initiated. These researches already know what the estrogen receptor subtypes can do in the nuclear receptor superfamily to make sure that the answer to people’s cancer problems will then be finally answered.


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