Fabletics, the Fastest Growing Athleisure Company in America

Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg have followed a profitable formula to take Fabletics the start in 2013 to over $200 million today. Great merchandising, engaging advertising and the expansion of advertising to include crowdsourcing have led to Fabletics enormous success. Fabletics like companies such as Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart have used the power of purchasers’ opinions to sell their merchandise. They have used the power of the review of merchandise to sell their inventory.


Not only has Fabletics used the review to encourage confidence in their products, they have included a “Lifestyle Quiz” to discover in greater detail what the customer wants in her clothing. By taking the answers from the quiz and utilizing them to stimulate interest in specific merchandise, Fabletics can drive sales more definitively. This knowledge allows Fabletics to give customers offers that are designed to address their specific taste and result in sales.


Not only are customers given more uniquely designed attention, they are also being given confidence that their purchases will be to their satisfaction. They only need to read a review posted on the same page as the information about the merchandise to get the confidence that their purchase will be to their liking. Today, reviews are the driving force behind the sale of merchandise.


According to BrightLocal, 74% of consumers use reviews to make a decision about purchasing merchandise or a service. Seventeen percent say the review convinced them to buy. Compared to a personal recommendation from a friend, 84% say they trust reviews as much if not more. The use of reviews has increased by a rate of 23% over last year.


Fabletics was established in 2013. At its inception, it was using reviews, but other brands have recently started using them to sell their product or service. Brands offering reviews has increased since 2014 by 70%. Customers are not as concerned about price comparisons as they are about the performance or quality of a purchase. The reviews are most often used to gather information about the product.


Fabletics has turned reviews, a form of crowdsourcing into customer confidence in their product and ultimately increased sales. Fabletics has paid attention and seen the trend move from excepting advertising claims to distrusting the paid opinion and preferring the voluntary untarnished views of other buyers. The Fabletics consumer is confident that they are getting a quality product with a company that stands behind what they produce when they buy from the fastest growing athleisure company in America.

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