Lime Crime Keeps Lips Soft and Plush With New Product “Plushies”

Now more than ever, people are branching out when it comes to makeup. No longer is society confined to the super natural look that was in for many years. More and more people are becoming comfortable in their own skin and willing to express themselves in creative ways with their makeup. A lot of this is thanks to the different makeup companies that are empowering them. Lime Crime is one of them. They’re a makeup company that specializes in bright and bold colors. They want their users to be able to express themselves creatively and freely.

Lime Crime is also a company that loves its customers. That’s why they’re always coming out with new products that people are craving. They already have a whole line of bright colored lipsticks and stains, glittery eyeshadow, bright colored hair dye, and more. Lime Crime just released a new product and it’s a little more subtle than their other products. Lime Crime is releasing what they’re calling “Plushies” and they promise that it’s going to be the “cutest release ever.” It appears that Plushies is a type of lip tint that offers a subtle shade of coverage.

Lime Crime does all things big and bold. Their lipsticks come in bright shades of purples, pinks, blues, greens, and more. The plushies will be softer. It’s perfect for those who still want to look beautiful and feel confident, but don’t want to make as big of a statement as the other products make. The plushies come in darker shades of reds and pinks. They include colors such as butterscotch, cola, blackberry, and more. Plushies claim to be the newest generation of nude lips. Their goal is to enhance your natural lip. Plushies glide on smooth and stay put for all day usage. They leave lips feeling soft and plush, hence the name.

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