Omar Boraie Turns This City Around

40 years ago to this day business and city experts were predicting that the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey would die. They cited four reasons for this. The first reason was that families were leaving the area because it was not a good place to raise her children. The second reason was that the middle class was shrinking. The third reason was that businesses and jobs were leaving the area. The fourth and the last reason was that the organizations and politicians were looking out for themselves rather than the city.

There was however, one man who defied this wisdom. One man who rose above it all. One man who would not let the city fall. That man’s name was Omar Boraie. Omar Boraie was a man with a dream. His dream was to resurrect the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This dream came to him while traveling throughout Europe. During his travels, he saw the magnificent cities of this continent. And as he saw the magnificent cities, he began thinking that New Brunswick could reach similar heights. For more details visit Crunchbase.

When Omar Boraie returned to New Brunswick, New Jersey he set a plan in motion that would not only change the city but also the lives of the millions of people who live there.

Omar Boraie immediately began to help New Brunswick build the family community it needed to thrive. He knew that corporations and businesses would not be able to do this, so he reached a hand out to churches and nonprofit organizations. He asked them to develop strategies and plans to bring families together. The most promising plans were the ones he decided to fund with his own money.

Now that New Brunswick, New Jersey was becoming much more friendly toward the family, Omar Boraie turned his attention to the middle class. He knew that the middle class professional had two things on their minds. The first is they wanted to have a great area to raise a family. He was already taking care of this with the nonprofits and churches. This led him to deal with their second concern, their professions. Omar Boraie grew the middle class by building office space for young professionals and leasing it out to them for 20% lower price then competitive cities. This not only brought in the middle class but began to take them from the neighboring cities around them.

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