How Barbara Stokes Brings Housing Solutions Across America

Housing can be a complex problem for organizations, communities, and companies that need to shelter large groups of people in a short period of time and within a constrained budget. One company, however, has become the go-to company to provide affordable, strong, safe and reliable housing solutions. That company, Green Structure Homes Delivered (GHS) of Alabama and their CEO Barbara Stokes has become the leaders in efficient housing. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Based out of Huntsville, Alabama, GSH has helped everyone from the United States Navy to Mississippi State University find the right housing solutions for their organization. In fact, GSH has been awarded tens of millions of dollars in Federal contracts due to their quick manufacturing abilities, top quality, and affordable pricing. And as CEO, Barbara Stokes has helped GSH of Alabama continue on the right track.

Mrs. Barbara Stokes overseas a growing operation that includes a state of art manufacturing facility as well as in-house project management experts who have experience in handling almost every type of housing need. In addition, Mrs. Stokes also oversees multiple on-site construction projects for GHS of Alabama’s clients.

Mrs. Stokes was educated at Mercer University, graduating in 2001. During her time at Mercer University, Mrs. Stokes studied various subjects including Physics and Bioengineering. In addition, Mrs. Stokes also studied Thermodynamics, Manufacturing, and Management.



After graduating from Mercer University, Mrs. Stokes worked at Boeing as well as the Pieces Corporation. At GHS of Alabama, Mrs. Stokes supervises a team that includes some of the country’s foremost manufacturing engineers and project managers specializing in the housing industry. During her tenure as CEO, Mrs. Stokes has helped secure contracts from FEMA worth tens of millions of dollars for disaster relief projects across the Southeastern United States.

Today GSH of Alabama is considered one of the top housing suppliers to the United States military, FEMA as well as a number of private companies and organizations. With almost two decades of experience, Mrs. Stokes has helped a number of organizations with cutting-edge housing at a lower cost. As Mrs. Stokes continues her leadership role, GSH of Alabama will innovate well into the next decade. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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  1. The work that is been done so far is one that I consider quite huge and interesting, the structures that has been built so far goes to show why Mrs. Stokes is well respected. Also edusson review has it that she has helped a number of organization with top class housing suppliers at better prices that is a huge market factor.

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