Jason Hope supports SENS Research Foundation

SENS Research Foundation is an anti-aging drug research group. It is a group that has been looking at the topic of human body aging and trying to create solutions to the aging problems. The human body tends to suffer from aging diseases as one gets older. However, this should not always be the case. There are some diseases which affect human beings which accelerate the process of getting old. Such diseases are Cancer, Alzheimer’s diseases, and molecular damage. These diseases are prevalent among the old people lately. SENS Research Foundation is aiming at creating drugs that will slow down the rate of body breakdown due to these diseases.

SENS Foundation has come up with innovative ideas that will address this problem. They have created a program called AGE-breaker. The program is aimed at developing drugs that break down the aging processes in the body. AGE means advanced Glycation End products. AGE is a waste product that built up in the body causing harmful effects that lead to degenerative diseases. Some of the apparent effects of AGE in the body as one gets old is the loss of elasticity in blood vessels. AGE causes other aging diseases such as arthritis and Parkinson’s diseases. Such diseases are called aging diseases because people develop them as they get old.

In the last two decades, SENS has been trying to create drugs that will fight buildup of AGE aim the body. However, there has been no major advancement in this field for a long time since the method that has been used to create a cure for aging diseases have been flawed. Research groups have been using animals to conduct research not knowing that the aging process in short living animals is different from the long living human beings. SENS has now shifted the research approach to be more human-oriented than it was before. In this new approach, the anti-aging drugs campaign is likely to see new developments.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an advocate of anti-aging research. Jason Hope was impressed very much by the efforts of SENS research Foundation that he offered them a donation of $500,000 to support their work. Jason Hope believes that if the anti-aging research work is successful, human beings will be saved from strenuous old age.

Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is passionate about other technological developments and not just anti-aging research. He writes about various technology related topics in Tech. Co, a blog that he owns.

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