Boraie Development’s Building For A Younger Generation Housing Market

When looking to boost a housing market in a particular region, it’s been shown that beauty and attraction do matter to specific units as Boraie Development has proved up in New Jersey. This company has spent years building new apartments and commercial lots in New Brunswick, and now they’re building a new luxury 250-apartment property known as the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. The group they’ve really looked at are millennials who have certain expectations about what the housing looks like and what’s available in it, and Boraie Development says it’s looking to meet those demands in its new property. But most importantly they want their properties to deliver first class experience and bring a new direction to a troubled market in New Jersey.

According to Patch, Boraie Development was founded by Dr. Sam Boraie back in the 1970s and over the course of 40 plus years he began the transformation of what were troubled cities in New Brunswick and parts of Newark to turning into pride on the shores across from New York City. He first bought properties in downtown New Brunswick when he heard that Johnson & Johnson, the region’s primary health provider announced they were staying when it appeared they would be leaving the state. Boraie slowly turned those downtown properties into office spaces with retail stores on the street level while also renovating parking garages and giving traffic easy access to the buildings. The commercial business started taking off in New Brunswick again, but it was what Boraie did with housing that really made people take notice. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie had decided to invest in 21-story high-rise apartments in 2006, a development most people said was just not right for the city. But when the high-rise on Spring Street filled up in just three months, they realized he really could turn dreams into big returns. Boraie Development would later build a high-rise in downtown Newark, and it’s only the second to be built in the city’s history that also was rented out quick, and in 2014 New Brunswick saw The Aspire completed which has made transportation access easy for city workers. But even though the company has had a lot accomplished thus far, they say it’s only the beginning.
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