Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff-An Interesting Read

Sean Penn is the author of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, a novel about a man and his many jobs that take him on adventure after adventure through a life full of twists and turns. Although the book is considered to be fictitious, the reader can draw some similarities form it and the real world and even the author.

But Penn has inked a novel that creates different meaning for different readers, and you can take what you want out of it since there is no right or wrong way to read his book. It is an enjoyable read and definitely an escape from the world and the hustle and bustle of our own daily lives.

Penn even includes a poem at the end of the book that again could be related to reality and that has stirred up much controversy and talk since the character in which the poem was written could be compared to our modern day president. Penn’s book may not be for everyone, but it is nevertheless an interesting read and full of carefully set up scenes and colorful characters.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was originally an audiobook that he narrated in 1996 that he wouldn’t admit entirely to writing himself. He accredited the book to a man in Florida by the name of Pappy Pariah. The book’s out there but that’s perhaps the draw of it and people can’t seem to stop talking about it. It is anything but a dull read and really gets the reader thinking and asking questions.

Bob goes on adventures in the book such as helping Hurricane Katrina victims and even being hired as an assassin yet he stills seems to live a fairly mundane life at times.

Penn is a man of many different interests and has done many different things with his life. He is also an activist at heart and the book reflects on many of the issues of the world whether intentional or unintentional. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is definitely not your average read and makes for an interesting conversation starter.

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Matt Badiali: Why Copper Is a Great Investment

As a trained scientist Matt Badiali, the natural resources expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company, has a unique perspective whenever he is generating his investment advice. He originally received his education with the intent of being a scientist. He first received a bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences before going to Florida Atlantic University where he received his Master’s degree in geology. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali. He had plans of continuing his education and was in the process of completing the requirements for his Ph.D. while teaching geology classes at the University of North Carolina whenever he was first recruited to be part of a research team for a member of the finance industry.

This individual from the finance industry realized the importance of having a trained geologist on his research team as he had goals of researching potential investment opportunities in the natural resource markets. Matt Badiali represented a perfect fit for his team, and Matt Badiali was soon traveling the world as part of the research team. Over the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world gathering information on the operations of natural resources companies. He has used the knowledge that he is gained in order to create several popular investment advice columns related to the energy, mining, and agricultural sectors.

Recently Matt Badiali has stated that there is a new commodity that represents a strong investment opportunity. This commodity is not an exotic or unique metal but is rather one that is used all over the world and many common applications. This metal is copper. Over the course of the last several decades, copper demand has only continued to increase. The reason being is that almost all electronics utilize copper in one form or another. Copper prices have increased up to 44% in just the last two years. Demand for copper has increased 82% since January 2000. This comes out to about a 3.4% annual growth in copper demand.


While the demand continues to grow in the future supplies will shrink. Currently a little over 200 minds representing around 40% of the world’s current copper production are scheduled to close within the next 10 to 20 years. These simple concepts of supply and demand will continue to hold strong in this industry and as supply continues to shrink while demand continues to increase the inevitable outcome will be a soaring of the price of copper. Visit the website to learn more.

Achievements of Roberto Santiago in the Development of Pessao

Roberto Santiago is a famous investor, and author .He is well known for the development of the largest shopping mall in Brazil. The mall is known as Manaira Shopping Mall, and it is located in Pessao city. Many people have benefitted from the mall since it was officially launched in 1989. The exciting and entertainment centers in the mall have attracted thousands of people. The mall is always busy due to various activities that are taking place. Manaira shopping mall houses gym, college, conference, hall and banks among other facilities. Profits that are generated by the mall have to keep increasing since the mall was increase of 6.5 percent in sales was recorded in 2015.The percentage represented 150 billion in turnover.

Manaira mall has recorded productive performance despite some unfavorable economic conditions. The success of the mall is attributed to strong management and leadership skills of Roberto Santiago. The mall is located in a strategic position that gives confidence to the shareholders of the various businesses in the mall. Modern technology that is being used in the mall has built its reputation. The sound system and projection technology that has been installed in the movie theaters make the mall to shine among other malls in Brazil. The arena in the mall has been divided into three parts which are VIP, account and 3D section. The game park is made up of modern entertainment facilities.

Domus Hall is one of the famous places in the mall. The hall has been constructed on the rooftop of the mall. The hall has a capacity of 14000 guests. Domus mall is made up of two floors which are utilized for various events such as a wedding. The exhibitions that are held in the hall enabled the people to learn different cultures. The displays in the exhibitions are of great benefit to the students.

Roberto Santiago strives to improve the performance of the mall .he has devised various strategies which led to the provision of exemplary services in the mall. Santiago is also known for the development of Mangabeira Shopping Center. The shopping mall was launched in 2014 .the shopping has high-quality features and ample space. The mall has provided employment opportunities to many people.

Roberto Santiago has mentored many people in the society. He has been emulated by many investors in various parts of the world. He has gained a lot of reputation due to his involvement in the economic development of Pessoa. The success that he has recorded in business is attributed to the education that he obtained at Joao Pessoa University. He pursued business administration at the university. The skills that he obtained from the institution have enabled him to venture into profitable businesses. The malls generate a lot of revenues that are vital in economic development in Pessao.


Sussex Health Care Taps A New Chief Executive Officer; Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Health Care is famous for being a leading service provider for healthcare services in the UK. Also described as a private company, Sussex Health Care has two branches in different geographical locations. Alongside having specialists onsite, the company provides several services customized to fit the individual needs of every patient. Perhaps the most fundamental bit of how this company operates is having the ability to customize healthcare services to meet every patient’s needs.

Background Information on Leadership
Recently, Sussex Health Care appointed a new chief executive officer; Amanda Morgan- Taylor has taken over the realms of the company’s leadership with the sole intention of bringing a wealth of particular knowledge into the healthcare department. Before her appointment, she played instrumental roles in managing different healthcare departments through intense periods of change in various organizations.

Career and Experience
Amanda’ career dates to 1984 when she served as a service manager for a company that specialized in healthcare provisions. At the same time, she strives to expand her scope of service by managing different healthcare departments. Alongside her ability to work with external authorities in the industry, she brings in a revolutionary touch to Sussex Health Care.

Additional Information
Without a doubt, Sussex Health Care is better placed to provide support services to the older generations. Inclusive of the disabled, this organization has trained professionals equipped to provide advanced health care services coupled with beneficial results. Besides that, Sussex Health Care has in place the latest techniques that it uses to build a strong portfolio of medical care. This portfolio has often paved the way for high-quality services coupled with therapy sessions to cater for patients.

We all understand that every patient, old or young, has varied personal needs. Consequently, Sussex Health Care has developed a secure healthcare system that has groups as well as trainers for social activities. These activities are inherently fundamental to the well-being of patients.

The Overview
Conclusively, Sussex Health Care has an additional team that is trained to provide various techniques for healthy living to patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, mental impairments or any learning disabilities among other related disorders. The additional services offered in this category of diseases include physical therapy, alternative treatments, occupational therapy, reflexology, art therapy, multi-sensory services and therapeutic protocols. Perhaps one exciting therapy that Sussex Health Care provides is the underwater treadmill that provides patients who suffer from the loss of motor skills with the chance to have fun.

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Lacey and Larking Talk About What Happened To Joe Arpaio

Even though there have been multiple presidential pardons that were considered unusual and controversial, the most recent one has in effect cause ripples throughout the nation because of its effect on the social discourse we live in. President Trump granted his first pardon to America’s strictest sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joe Araio.

While his reputation carries a sense of notoriety, his most vengeful acts all stem around the wrongful imprisonment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the owners of Village Voice.

It was 10 years ago that Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit agents arrested Larkin, the CEO of Village Voice Media, and Lacey, the executive director.

On the same day of the arrest, they published an article that discussed a particular poll being conducted by the grand jury against Village voice media publication, which is the Phoenix New Times. Unknowingly of them, it was them that the grand jury had been investigating.

It could be said that the investigation was fueled by Arpaio’s frustration with the frequent coverage concerning his excessively aggressive law enforcement tactics he used from the moment he obtained his seat in office in 1992.

The infamous Tent City, along with various cases brought against women, immigrants and inmates had been the top of the conversations for different publications who decided to report on it. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

While the sheriff appeared before United States District Judge Murray Snow and which it was declared that Arpaio violated the constitutional rights of immigrants he detained, most of these situations were addressed out of the public’s sight or knowledge prior to 2011.

13 years ago, a lawsuit filed against him brought those case back to the surface in which case Arpaio was finally charged for violating the rights of immigrants, especially those of Latino background.

Nonetheless, the more he remained defiant against the charges while proceeding with profiling Latinos, the more attention the issue gained from reporters.

This is when Lacey and Larkin began investigating the circumstances in which case they exposed the dirty work of Arpaio to the nation. On multiple occasions, they wrote about instances he wears involved in which field confrontations between them and Arpio’s department.

As a result, these two men were arrested after being specifically targeted by a dedicated prosecution team that formed the grand jury reporting on Phoenix New Times .

After 24 days in prison, Lacey and Larkin were released and immediately filed a lawsuit against Arpaio the lawsuit, which would reveal additional information suggesting violations of malpractice and corruption, was quietly settled for $3.7 million.

About Jim Larkin

Jim Larking attended Arizona State University, but he dropped out in 1972 in order to join Michael Lacey and serve as the CEO for the Phoenix New Times.

This weekly campus publication existed to give voice to the ultraconservative voice of anti-war students who often protested. By focusing on the advertising side of the publication, Larkin was able to expand its’ circulation while growing the audience through expiration of various political and social issues in which allowed the paper to gain more prominence.

Larkin, with his partner, created the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, which they funded with the $3.75 million they received from the Maricopa County lawsuit.

About Michael Lacey

As the executive editor of the Phoenix New Times who was born the son of a construction worker, Lacey dropped out of college in 1970 from Arizona State University in order to respond to local media coverage published about the antiwar protests that took place on campus.

After running the publication for four decades, Lacey and Larking sold their business to company executives in 2012. At that time, Village voice Media Holdings the company they so, had garnered 56 million online viewers, 9 million readers of their print publication, and had accumulated dozens of journalistic honors, which includes the Pulitzer Prize.

After the sale, Lacey now runs a website called Front Page Confidential, which aims to protect the first amendment and the right to free speech.

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Jeunesse Global wins over loyal customers with NV foundation and bronzer

Jeunesse Global is quickly becoming a worldwide household name. The global health and beauty company has experienced almost preternatural growth since its founding in 2009. Growing by well over 100 percent per year across nearly all metrics, the company now ranks among the largest and most recognized brands in the global health and beauty sector.

This incredible rise from obscurity to fame can be attributed to the drive and skill of the company’s founders. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long been known throughout the North American direct-marketing industry as two of the most accomplished entrepreneurs that the sector had ever produced. Millionaires by the age of 30, Ray and Lewis found that their passion in life was creating great products and helping people to reach their financial goals.

Jeunesse Global has been no different in this regard. But, here, the couple has stepped up their product-development game to an entirely new level. Most of Jeunesse Global’s quick success is the proximate result of a company that has been able to create pitch-perfect solutions to gaps in the market.

One example of this uncanny ability to deliver exactly the products that the market wants is the company’s NV foundation and bronzer. Designed for busy professionals and stay-at-home moms with little or no spare time, NV delivers salon-quality beauty care at a price that makes its customers smile. In addition, NV only requires a minimum of time spent, delivering a youthful look that has allowed many of its users to forgo wearing makeup at all.

Additionally, the product is able to be used as a mild skin-tone modifier. With nine different available shades, NV allows users to precisely match the skin tone that they desire. This has made the product especially popular across East Asia where skin lightening is de rigueur in high beauty.

NV is just one product that forms the total-health solution that the company calls the Youth Enhancement System. This represents one of the most potent tools that today’s generation has at its disposal for staving off the worst effects of aging and ensuring they look and feel great for decades to come.

Susan McGalla’s Industry of Passion

Some leaders leave a lot to be desired. Then there are leaders who are very innovative and revolutionary. Susan McGalla is one of the innovative and revolutionary leaders. One thing that makes her such a great leader for women is that she sees purpose in what she is doing. She also takes on the industries that she is very passionate about. For instance, she has experienced a lot of success in the fashion industry. One of the reasons that she has been so successful is that she has seen where she can grow in the market. This is one thing that has been very helpful with the companies.

Susan McGalla has spent most of her time as a leader because she has learned how to work with people. One thing that she has learned is that it is possible to have equality among the genders. Susan McGalla has been raised to understand that people are equal. She was also treated as an equal by her father as opposed to given any type of special treatment for her gender. She has taken this with her to her career. Therefore, she has learned how to be an effective leader and a successful business woman.

After working for different companies, Susan McGalla has decided that she can start her own company which is good for marketing and selling clothing for sports teams. She has experienced a lot of success as a business owner. Therefore, she has gained a lot of credibility as a woman and a leader. She has also paved the way for other women to be leaders because she has shown them the best way to go about it. Among the things she has shown them is how to cultivate the right mindset for leadership. Now, more women than ever are being leaders.

The Fagali’I Airport – Non-Aeronautical And Aeronautical Matters

Ok, let’s get down to business! The Fagali’I airport hasn’t publically reported any drastic instances of its expenses exceeding its income in recent times, so because of this profiting claim, we can only assume that the Fagali’I airport’s aeronautical and non-aeronautical components of its business are at least stable.

It’s runways, aircraft stands, facilitation, security and staff has to come to terms as satisfactory, right? Maintenance, performances and consistency is critical and the Fagali’I airport has concluded exceptional results in these areas in the past and seems to still be on board today. It was a time when airlines of the Fagali’I airport would have to land their airplanes on grass landing strips, which caused slippage and difficulty with stopping on cue. But, thankfully, the Fagali’I airport made necessary adjustments by adding a pavement landing strip which would work out quite well in later years. Although a small airport, the facility provides necessary components for adequate airline functioning, along with a customer service staff of rich Samoan culture that pleases its guests, to say the least.

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As far as non-aeronautical matters are concerned like parking, retail, rentals, etc., the Fagali’I airport accommodates accordingly. There is a great little retail store on the inside – which includes a friendly customer service representative who will know the store inside out – for visitors to purchase tasty snacks, beverages, magazines and souvenirs. Sufficient parking, an handy rental car service and more. Non-aeronautical matters have been known in previous years at a number of airports to exceed the income provided by aeronautical matters.

The numbers on the Fagali’I airport’s income isn’t available, but researchers have revealed that the small airport’s top airline carriers flies out over 300 flights per month. The Fagali’I airport entails two airlines: Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways according to

The Fagali’I airport is located just a hop and a skip from the center of Apia – the capital of Samoa. Apia is one of the most highly reviewed vacation spots in the world. Temperatures are 85 degrees all year long and beaches are beautifully maintained, including tons of fun activities to get involved in. Exhilarating fun for the entire family!


PSI-Pay — Wearable Wallets

PSI Pay is an alternative form of payment offered by an illustrious institution in the United Kingdom. They have recently begun offering customers a new payment method. The method is a wearable ring made of ceramic that customers can use for contactless payments. They have a joint agreement with Kerv Wearables to manufacture the rings. If a customer wants to purchase an item in a retail location, they just need to place the ring closer than 1.6 inches to the merchant’s contactless card reader. The transaction will be processed instantly. PSI Pay has built their company by being open and innovative. They are always searching for new ways to make their customers’ lives easier.

In order for the rings to be approved for public use, MasterCard had to approve them. The rings had to be certifiably able to withstand all weather conditions, extreme wear, and they had to be digitally secure. PSI Pay had the rings constructed out of a ceramic outer shell that is stronger than steel, and the inner portion is a comfortable material that is hypoallergenic. All data streams to and from the device are encrypted, and the rings do not require a charger or battery. They receive power from the point of sale station when tiny electromagnetic streams are released during transactions.


The two models of payment wallets are the American and the European. In the American model, goods and services are exchanged for currency online. The transactions are deemed like for like. The possibility of charge-backs occurs because there is no intermediary, the payment is made directly on the card to the merchant. PSI-Pay makes transactions to go through directly end to end. In the European model the wallet may have multiple payment or load card options. There may be accounts linked to ATMs, merchants for payment, and stored values. When loading any currency in such a wallet, PSI Pay allows the owner is making a purchase of E money. This type of account is most similar to a bank account. A bank account will store the value of currency, and it can have various payment cards attached to it.

The main beneficiary of the funds is the operator. In the classic example, this would be the financial institution. Until the funds are needed for withdrawal, they will be in the financial institution as E money. In effect, by storing funds in a bank account, a customer is purchasing digital money.

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Alex Pall Talks About What Makes The Chainsmokers Different From Other Musicians In Their Genre

Alex Pall is one-half of The Chainsmokers while Drew Taggart is the other half. They are a DJ and dance duo who have released three albums and a number of singles in the past few years. One of their last releases was “Closer” which they performed with Halsey and which went on to great international success. One of the things that Alex Pall says separates them from their contemporaries is that they have a hand in writing their own songs, something other in this genre don’t generally do. This makes their songs more personable and about themselves and their own lives which fans of The Chainsmokers appreciate.

When The Chainsmokers first formed as a duo Alex Pall was teamed up with someone besides Drew Taggart. That member left the duo which meant Alex Pall had to find another person to team up with. A person who was working for Alex Pall’s manager and told Drew Taggart about The Chainsmokers and that he would be a great fit. They ended up soon meeting and as Taggart puts it they were in love at first site. They started performing with each other every day and before too long they started finding a lot of success in New York City which spread outward from there.

Alex Pall says that he uses social media to check out who are fans of The Chainsmokers. He says that they have fans all over the world now, even in nations such as South Africa and the Philippines. Many of their fans are 16 to 25 but they also have a lot of fans over 30 and under 15. He said that when The Chainsmokers first started out they could just do a DJ set for college students. Now they need to work a lot harder in order to put on a great performance for a much more diverse audience when performing live.

Alex Pall says that they have now gone on world tours three times. They don’t want to keep doing the same things over and over so they push themselves musically to get better and go in different directions as time goes on.