Jason Hope: Discovering the Cure for Aging

     Jason Hope is a futurist, and he is very optimistic about what the future would bring. He is fond of technological reports, and he also stated how excited he knows new technologies being introduced to humanity. One of his greatest dreams is the discovery of the cure for aging, and he has been exerting all efforts to make this technology come to life. He believed that throughout humanity’s history, one of the greatest mysteries that they tried to unravel is how to gain immortality. He made a study on the possibilities of immortality, and he was surprised to learn that it can be achieved someday by some ways.

Being a wealthy entrepreneur, Jason Hope has access to resources that can be used for his research. He set up his base in Arizona and has contacted several professionals to help him with his project. He believes that the key to immortality can be discovered in his lifetime, and he wanted to be credited as the one who discovered how it could be effectively performed. One of the beneficiaries of Jason Hope’s quest for immortality is the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a not for profit organization which conducts researches on how humans can combat aging. They have been researching about cell rejuvenation, and they believe that it would be the key to immortality.

Jason Hope was impressed with how they presented their discovery, and they stated that the advancement in the field of biotechnology could actually renew the cells. It is an essential part of the process of fighting off aging because, with healthier and new cells, someone can appear younger and healthier. One of their inspirations came from the immortal jellyfish, a marine creature that can revert to its younger form by rejuvenating its cells. They are mimicking this trait from the creature, hoping that humans could also be able to perform this outstanding ability.

The SENS Foundation is still doing further research to verify their claims about the promise of cell rejuvenation, and they keep on receiving funding thanks to Jason Hope. They also wanted to let the public know that once they created the perfect product that would fight aging, they will be presenting it to the public for them to use. Jason Hope is excited with all of the development being discovered by the SENS Foundation, and he could not wait for the day when immortality becomes possible.


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