Paul Mampilly Says That Amazon Will Overtake Apple

Paul Mampilly has been right about investments so many times. He was right about the dotcom bubble and various other economic turns and twists. Therefore, you should listen when Paul Mampilly warns us about something. He is now warning us about Apple. Paul Mampilly is saying that in ten years from now, you’ll be laughing at yourself when you think about the way people used to wait in line for hours just to get Apple’s latest iPhone. Think of the way people laugh now at those who are still into Blackberry phones. It has become a thing of the past, and in ten years from now, Apple will no longer be the large behemoth that it is now. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Apple has always been an innovative company. They introduced products that changed the world. The three major products were the iPhone, the iPad, and the Macbook. However, those times have long passed. Apple has not released another major product in a long time. Apple is quickly becoming irrelevant, and if you are an investor, you should listen to what Paul Mampilly has to say about this.

Paul Mampilly is worth listening to. He studied at Fordham University. He worked for companies such as Deutsche Bank and Kinetics Asset Management. He won the Templeton Foundation award for turning fifty million dollars in $88 million.


Now, Paul Mampilly is saying that it is Amazon that is producing products that are changing the world, not Apple. Amazon’s Alexa is being used in many houses around the world. People are using Alexa to order stuff online, turn the heat on or off, turn the lights on, open doors, call their friends, and so much more. In a few years, everyone will have smart homes that use Alexa. Apple will be something that will be relegated to the dustbin of tech history.

Just like the iPhone changed the world around a decade ago, Alexa is changing the world now. It will change the way stores operate. Apple, on the other hand, is going nowhere. Paul Mampilly is of the opinion that this has to do with the fact that Steve Jobs is dead and no longer the head of Apple. When he was alive, he helped lead Apple in the right direction. However, Apple has become stagnant without his leadership and guidance. Follow Paul on

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