What happens now? Kamil Idris on the state of IP Laws in 2018

In the age of Globalisation everything is super-fast and easy. This movement is touching everything and turning it into a whole new thing. Works for every important cause in the world. With too much information and ideas being available everywhere just one click ahead, it’s difficult to keep the generation of piracy in control. That’s where the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) is necessary. The former Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization Dr. Kamil Idris explained clearly how globalisation is affecting the way of our protection and definition of Intellectual Property Rights in one of his interviews. Let’s see how our Sudanese politician Dr. Kamil Idris enlightened us with his knowledge about globalisation and IPR.

Dr. Idris thinks that IRP is important for every Government to encourage the innovation and creativity of every nation. Ideas, Knowledge, Information are the revenue generator of the economy globally. But along with globalisation, everything is available everywhere. Hence the piracy is not an uncommon word anymore. Creative works are now widely available everywhere that no one has any control over the Copyright infringement.

For this digital age WIPO has taken 2 major big steps internationally. They are known as WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT) and the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty (WPPT). For these major programs a global harmony can be made by exchanging innovative ideas in order to find greater opportunities and coordination of enforcement procedure. With globalisation at it’s peak, Kamil Idris suggests it became easier in terms of science and technology. Data’s can be exchanged so easily that it helps with the new scientific invention to product development.


For communication being so easy, there’s one too many improved product and technology is available all over the world. As brilliant as it is to have so many new stuffs going on for the growth of economy, it can get overwhelming at times when there’s one too many applicants to patent their uniqueness. That’s why it is going to be globally processed. WIPO is providing training programs, workshops and seminars for both users of the system and the administrators of IP system globally

We like it or not we are all somehow affected by the violation of our Intellectual Property Rights. To develop a better status of a country globally, it is a must to have a legit IPR law. To value the new ideas and innovation and to sustain it, IPR can play a big role. Let’s not forget the part how IPR also helps global economic growth.

Read Kamil Idris’s full interview here:

WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights


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