Susan McGalla’s Industry of Passion

Some leaders leave a lot to be desired. Then there are leaders who are very innovative and revolutionary. Susan McGalla is one of the innovative and revolutionary leaders. One thing that makes her such a great leader for women is that she sees purpose in what she is doing. She also takes on the industries that she is very passionate about. For instance, she has experienced a lot of success in the fashion industry. One of the reasons that she has been so successful is that she has seen where she can grow in the market. This is one thing that has been very helpful with the companies.

Susan McGalla has spent most of her time as a leader because she has learned how to work with people. One thing that she has learned is that it is possible to have equality among the genders. Susan McGalla has been raised to understand that people are equal. She was also treated as an equal by her father as opposed to given any type of special treatment for her gender. She has taken this with her to her career. Therefore, she has learned how to be an effective leader and a successful business woman.

After working for different companies, Susan McGalla has decided that she can start her own company which is good for marketing and selling clothing for sports teams. She has experienced a lot of success as a business owner. Therefore, she has gained a lot of credibility as a woman and a leader. She has also paved the way for other women to be leaders because she has shown them the best way to go about it. Among the things she has shown them is how to cultivate the right mindset for leadership. Now, more women than ever are being leaders.

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