Sussex Health Care Taps A New Chief Executive Officer; Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Health Care is famous for being a leading service provider for healthcare services in the UK. Also described as a private company, Sussex Health Care has two branches in different geographical locations. Alongside having specialists onsite, the company provides several services customized to fit the individual needs of every patient. Perhaps the most fundamental bit of how this company operates is having the ability to customize healthcare services to meet every patient’s needs.

Background Information on Leadership
Recently, Sussex Health Care appointed a new chief executive officer; Amanda Morgan- Taylor has taken over the realms of the company’s leadership with the sole intention of bringing a wealth of particular knowledge into the healthcare department. Before her appointment, she played instrumental roles in managing different healthcare departments through intense periods of change in various organizations.

Career and Experience
Amanda’ career dates to 1984 when she served as a service manager for a company that specialized in healthcare provisions. At the same time, she strives to expand her scope of service by managing different healthcare departments. Alongside her ability to work with external authorities in the industry, she brings in a revolutionary touch to Sussex Health Care.

Additional Information
Without a doubt, Sussex Health Care is better placed to provide support services to the older generations. Inclusive of the disabled, this organization has trained professionals equipped to provide advanced health care services coupled with beneficial results. Besides that, Sussex Health Care has in place the latest techniques that it uses to build a strong portfolio of medical care. This portfolio has often paved the way for high-quality services coupled with therapy sessions to cater for patients.

We all understand that every patient, old or young, has varied personal needs. Consequently, Sussex Health Care has developed a secure healthcare system that has groups as well as trainers for social activities. These activities are inherently fundamental to the well-being of patients.

The Overview
Conclusively, Sussex Health Care has an additional team that is trained to provide various techniques for healthy living to patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, mental impairments or any learning disabilities among other related disorders. The additional services offered in this category of diseases include physical therapy, alternative treatments, occupational therapy, reflexology, art therapy, multi-sensory services and therapeutic protocols. Perhaps one exciting therapy that Sussex Health Care provides is the underwater treadmill that provides patients who suffer from the loss of motor skills with the chance to have fun.

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