2 Reasons Unicorn Beauty Enthusiasts Will Die For Lime Crimes New Venus 3 Palette

Nobody knows ethereal beauty trends better than the funky and off kilter makeup brand Lime Crime. Long before non-traditional makeup became popular with the masses the online makeup brand was setting itself apart as a brand that was for makeup lovers who had distinct taste. According to the online fashion publication that is known as Racked, Lime Crime has long had the words “Makeup for Unicorns” as its tagline. The company has sold many products that take inspiration from the legendary creatures including lipstick shades that come in colors called Black Unicorn and Unicorn Queen, unicorn highlighter and even Unicorn Hair dye that promises to dye the user’s hair colors such as fuschia, candy blue or tropical green. The company is arguably one of the best at the unicorn beauty trend.

In addition to helping its customers continue to channel a character that could have been born from the mind of Lisa Frank, an illustrator that Racked notes might be a forerunner of the unicorn beauty trend, it is now turning its sights on enabling its customers to look as ethereal as ever. The beauty company has recently debuted a fresh product in its line of Venus palettes that is known as Venus 3. Like all of the Venus palettes before it the new Venus 3 palette references one of the most popular figures from classical mythology: Venus.

Venus 3 is a great find for anyone who enjoys the unicorn beauty trend for 2 important reasons: it has a similar color range to unicorn beauty products and it lets unicorn beauty lovers channel other mythical entities.

1.It has all the glitter and sparkles that fans of the unicorn beauty trend are used to

The Venus 3 palette comes with the following 8 shades: Rapture, Beloved, Heavenly, Dreamy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Paradise and Beam that can be used on the eyes and as a highlighter. Beam and Heavenly are shimmery, iridescent shades of lilac and rose gold that will likely catch the eye of anyone who likes the glitter and shimmer that many unicorn beauty products are well known for.

2.It allows unicorn beauty lovers to channel other beautiful creatures of the myth: the angel and the goddess

The Venus 3 palette is inspired by a goddess from classical Roman mythology which makes it a wonderful buy for anyone who likes to infuse their beauty looks with a sense of whimsy that is not too far from the unicorn beauty trend. It allows users to create what Lime Crime might call the Heavenly Grunge trend, a look that will make its wearers feel like Venus herself or an actual angel.

Richard Dwayne Blair: A Financial Planning Expert

Richard Dwayne Blair is the Founder and CEO of Wealth Solutions, Inc. The 52 million dollar corporation is headquartered in Austin Texas. Blair is a graduate of the University of Houston, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Moreover, Blair is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP).


During financial planning Richard Dwayne Blair uses a three step process. His goal is to offer clients with a blueprint for their finances, which can assist them as they transition through significant areas in their lives. He began his firm to positively impact small business owners and individuals. Richard Blair desires to assist his clients with achieving the goals they have for retirement by offering impartial advice.


The three pillars that Blair uses provide him with the ability to assess the clients’ finances. This approach provides Blair with a broad view of the financial condition of each customer and a method to evaluate retirement needs. The first pillar provides a foundation for the financial blueprint for each client. The initial phase of planning is a time for Richard Dwayne Blair to evaluate each client’s financial aspirations and to evaluate their capacity to handle risk. This phase allows Blair to build rapport with clients and develop long-term relationships with his customers.


The second and third phases of the investment process involves ongoing investing and performance monitoring. Investment strategies which are used for long-term investing are developed in the second pillar. During this phase, Blair capitalizes on the movement in the market capitalize on gains in the market and lower the in the influence of downturns in the stock market. Lastly, the third pillar involves monitoring a client’s portfolio. Blair monitors a client’s account to track the performance of portfolios and assess if the clients are on target with meeting their financial aspirations.


NewsWatch helping companies reach the targeted audience with the video reviews

The goal that Contour designs had when they were hiring NewsWatch TV is that they will enable them to market their ergonomic workstation by the use of online and television mediums. The ultimate goal is that it will help in the increase of sales and exposure. The targeted audience was the employees and employers in the U.S. So that they will get interested in their product so that to make their work environments healthier. The services that they got from NewsWatch it was a tremendous success, and there was a direct spike in the sales of their workstations things. All that manager of Contours designs had to say is they have nothing but praise for the video they got from NewsWatch TV because it was of the best quality. The segment of the NewsWatch TV review was seen in more than 200 U.S. markets, and for the households, it reached 5 million

The kind of services that NewsWatch will offer for some people they will wonder if the services are of good performance. The performance of the facilities that Contour designs got is the best proof that someone may need so that to understand what to expect. For NewsWatch, the goal that they have is that they will be able to deliver what the client will need. The needs of the clients will be in the form of the video that will break the features of the products the company is working, and they have to offer, the video will be 1min and 22 seconds long.

Even if the video is short, it will make sure that it will describe what the company has to offer and the characteristics of the product. With the power that they have when it comes to reviewing products for the clients in promoting their products will not end anytime soon.


Southridge Capital: A Leader in Innovative Financial Solutions

For companies seeking financial assistance, finding a financial advisor with the full spectrum of financial services and industry knowledge is a rarity. However, businesses that sought the financial advisory services of Southridge enjoy some of the best advisory services in the country. The company boasts of a highly experienced, intuitive and qualified management team and professionals. The team is headed by Stephen M. Hicks who serves as its chief executive officer while Narine Persaud holds the controller and chief financial officer dockets. The highly qualified Laurence J. Ditkoff serves the company as the director of research. The team also comprises of Linda Carlsen and Henry B. Sargent who is the company’s general counsel and chief operating officer.

Southridge Capital’s diverse client base enjoys two primary curated services: structured financing and financial advisory. The company’s range of personalized structured financing services include securing of loans, raising of capital through equity purchase agreements (EPAs) and debt servicing. Others include monetization of company assets. Southridge Capital is renowned for its excellent and customized bankruptcy advice, company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis and balance sheet management services.

Success Factors and Growth Strategies

Since its founding in 1996, Southridge Capital has grown into one of the leading investment banking service provider with up to $1.8 billion investment in various companies. Headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut, Southridge Capital has founded its success on the management capabilities of its employees including the management and strategic acquisitions. The senior management positions at the firm are filled with highly qualified individuals who bring an unmatched wealth of knowledge. From a certified public accountant to an attorney, the company has ensured that it has individuals with the prerequisite knowledge and expertise to push its growth agenda forward while offering some of the industry’s best services. For more details visit southridge.com

According to Prnewswire, Southridge Capital’s acquisitions and investments have strategic and primarily aimed at increasing the company’s service delivery capacity. This has seen it establishing operational footprints beyond the United States to include Australia, Canada, and Asia among others. In 2012, the company entered into a $10 million agreement with ELayaway to purchase its equities. It also entered into a similar deal with Elite Data Services, Inc. in 2015 worth $5 million.

Visit: http://newyork.citybizlist.com/article/286326/southridge-capital-entered-into-a-new-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-andalay-solar

Malcolm CasSelle: Innovations in Virtual Asset Exchange

New applications for the technology that powers bitcoin, the blockchain, seemed to be announced every single day. The new announcement by entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle seems to promise further revolutionary advancements in the world of virtual transactions. Malcolm CasSelle has an interesting career and has served in several key leadership roles of various digital technology companies. He is currently operating as the president of his own company, Worldwide Asset Exchange.

Worldwide Asset Exchange is a unique company that promises to deliver solutions to problems that have been plaguing virtual asset exchange since the very beginning of the industry. It will do this by implementing the technology that powers cryptocurrency in order to provide seamless transactions amongst users around the world. Malcolm CasSelle has created his own version of the cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain which he has called wax tokens. These tokens will allow individuals to transact amongst each other using a common store of value without the need of a foreign exchange market. Additionally, since the technology is decentralized the prominence of fraudulent activity on the network should theoretically decrease significantly. This will also allow users to avoid unnecessary fees and maintain the security of their transactions.

Malcolm CasSelle originally went to school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he majored in computer science. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he later went to Stanford University in order to pursue further education. At Stanford University he completed and received his Master’s degree in computer science.

On completing his formal education, Malcolm CasSelle began to work in earnest in the digital technology industry. He has helped several startup companies in the industry become successful. Examples of these companies include MediaPass and Xfire. Not only has Malcolm CasSelle been successful in leading several startup companies but he has also been successful as a venture capitalist. He was one of the earliest investors in both Facebook and Zynga. He has also in an early investor in several cryptocurrency companies. Later on in his career, he has been the chief technology officer at Tribune Publishing. He later became the chief investment officer of OPSkins a virtual marketplace company.


Drew Madden And His Mission To Fix Healthcare

The healthcare industry is considered one of the big problem areas in modern American society. Now, one healthcare entrepreneur and executive are looking to fix the healthcare industry once and for all. That healthcare executive, Drew Madden, is on a mission to help millions of Americans get better care.

In a recent article, the state of the American healthcare industry was laid out in one dire chart. The chart showed that Americans spend the most of any country for healthcare. However, the country is not even in the top ten for life expectancy.

The article also lays out some possible solutions to make the American healthcare industry better for both patients as well as healthcare professionals. One of the first ideas is to create an Advanced Care Plan, where people take proactive steps to prevent acute problems from becoming chronic diseases.

Another idea was to prevent patients from ending up back in the hospital after an initial visit. One of the biggest strains on the healthcare systems is the small number of patients who seem to end up back in the hospital again and again. The solution is to create a software tool to help healthcare professionals track and treat patients at their post-acute or rehab facility.

Other health care issues laid out had to do with the tracking of patients during their hospital stay as well as tracking of a patient’s medical history. Some medical information is still manually entered and fragmented. By creating a universal software tracking system, patients and their information are less likely to get lost or misinterpreted during a hospital stay.

One of the people leading the way in modernizing healthcare information and software is executive and entrepreneur Drew Madden. For over a decade, Mr. Madden has led various teams on a number of healthcare information technology (IT) related projects. As a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Mr. Madden continues to put his Healthcare IT expertise to good use. As the future of healthcare continues to find solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities, Drew Madden will lead the way with innovative new ideas and projects.