The Unique Aspects of Academy of Art University

Universities across the globe have played a significant role in transforming the lives of the scholars. It is through the universities that majority of talents are discovered and molded. As a result of the crucial role the universities play it is essential to encourage the community to enroll. One such institution that has positively touched lives is Academy of Art University in Francisco, California.

The university is unique compared to other universities since it offers programs and training for careers in entertainment, design, liberal arts, fine arts since 1929. With such categories in occupation, the learners have a wide variety of which they can specialize including smartphone applications, designing video games, and another interactive aspect of technology. In the recent times, Academy of Art University school of Game Development has incorporated concepts in interactive technology with other fields such as communication.

The Academy of Art University students recently presented their augmented ability reality to the San Francisco Mayor, and that shows the nature of learning in the institution. On November 28 the Mayor toured The School of Game Development, and he was amazed the new smartphone application referred to as Tenderfeels which mainly aims at making the residents of San Francisco feel safe should it be adopted.

The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco Tenderloin District that is bordered by other neighborhood like Downtown and Nob Hill leading to it being perceived to be unsafe as well as disgusting. The area is densely populated and consists of approximately 25000 people within quarter-square Mile area. As a result of the congestion in the area, there are highest cases of violent crime and poverty in the city. Thus to address the above challenge of insecurity, the students from the Academy of Art University have developed a smartphone app known as Tenderfeels.

Rather than academics, the university has invested in the state of the art facilities such as swimming pools, basketball pitches, and other outdoor activities as well as the indoor. Therefore, the students are well facilitated in engaging in the sports and the games they love. The graduate from the Academy Art University are well qualified and prepared to conquer the market with new inventions. For instance, Jan Philip Cramer academy alum has worked for some of the highest profile films such as Avatar, Avengers, Deadpool and Infinity War.

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