Guilherme Paulus Achievements In Spurring Growth Of Brazil Tourism Industry

Great entrepreneurs are recognized through their contribution to the growth of the economic sector. Their versatile leadership offer life-changing opportunities for employment to people. Guilherme Paulus is among the entrepreneurs in Brazil who has contributed in impacting people’s lives in Brazil.

Mr. Paulus is the chairman of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens, which is the largest tour operator in Brazil. Since its establishment in 1972, CVC has brought radical transformation in the country’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Today Guilherme Paulus has become the most prominent figure who is widely respected in the Brazilian tourism sector. His knowledge and understanding of the tourism sector have impacted the country positively. CVC serves an average of 3 million passengers per annum. The consistent number of clients is attributed to Mr Paulus innovations to change the industry. Over the years, the tour company has been able to increase its market value tremendously.

After years of operating CVC, Guilherme Paulus ventured into the hospitality industry. He opened one of the largest hotel networks in the country called GJP Group. The group of hotels has many branches across the country. GJP hotel networks are valued at over $500 million. The hotel networks aims to reach a large number of tourists throughout South America. According to Mr Paulus, the secret to success in the hospitality industry is offering quality services to customers. This ensures they receive maximum satisfaction based on their needs.

The role played by Guilherme Paulus has provided positive evolution to the Brazil tourism and hospitality sector. Under Mr. Paulus leadership, his businesses have been able to withstand all the market challenges. Through the years of operations, the companies have offered quality services to tourists visiting Brazil. His contribution in the tourism sector enabled him to be selected as the board member of Brazil tourism sector. Mr Paulus considers his great achievement as spurring tourism activity in the country. Forbes list of billionaires recognized Paulus achievements that have contributed to the booming business in the Brazil tourism industry. The entrepreneur plans are to come up with more residential projects. This will help to boost the hotel and hospitality sector in the country due to the increased number of clients in the market.

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