Milan Kordestani using traditional ways to grow saffron

 Milan Kordestani attended the Phillips Brook Elementary School while they lived in Stanford, California. In 2009 the family had to live in London, England that’s when the parents divorced in 2009. After they moved to London, he had to join the Eaton Square School. The high school he attended was Sacred Heart Preparatory after they moved to Bay Area where he graduated in 2017. Through the achievements that he has achieved in life, there is one that is outstanding from the rest at Milan Farms Milan Kordestani is the founder and CEO of the company. At the Huffington Post, he offers his services as a writer of the company. The other thing that he is doing with his life is that at the San Francisco Bay Area he is a student.

Milan farm was founded in 2015 so that he will have something that he can use so that to raise poultry in a humane and organic system and the other thing that they would do is growing of saffron that was 100% pure. The one goal that the company has is that they will be able to offer customers an honest option. That’s why they ensure that the way they will raise their animals is by using the transparency method and for the plants, they will use nothing but organic options.

The one thing that Milan farm focuses on is offering an honest opinion to their customers, because if the customer knows what they want, then that’s what they should be offered. In 2016, Milan Farm decided that they would become a trademarked company. From that time they expanded to three more farms. While they will make sure that they maintain the traditional way of growing the saffron they will still be ready to accept any innovation that is presented to them. That’s why they are taking time to research on the hydroponic that will be the best alternative to the drip irrigation. The other thing that they are investigating on is the aquaponic system that they can use so that to grow saffron. Both have been showing a tremendous success, but still, they are carrying experiments so that to be sure of the two.

Innovative Coffee Organization Organo Gold

Innovative Coffee Company

Organo Gold is a modern coffee company who supports customers in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Organo Gold also offers healthy supplements options in their stores for their customers. The coffee trend began in New York in the 1970’s and took off with the nationwide expansion of Starbucks in the 1980’s. There has been a massive cultural presence that cornerstone coffee companies offer. Watch this video on Youtube.

They foster an environment for a comfortable atmosphere to create friendships & meetings. Organo Gold is a contributor to this culture trend. The company offers a wide array of products in the coffee industry. They have a vast product line which primarily focuses on organic ingredients. This is in hope to provide the healthiest product possible to their customers as way to differentiate themselves for others in the highly competitive industry. Visit to know more.

Innovative Business Practices

In addition to offering organic products, the company is innovative in their business model. The coffee company allows customers to purchase directly from their them in order to lower costs and increase efficiency. There is an increased demand for coffee and coffee culture on the west coast in cities like Portland, San Francisco, & Seattle. The innovative organization was founded in 2008 and is making great strides in successful practices in the industry. Also, the company offers opportunities for supporters of their coffee to become independent distributors. This can be beneficial for both the individuals marketing the products as well as the organization. The product is great for individuals who prefer an active lifestyle and a healthy product.