Rodrigo Terpins talks about his latest business venture, the Floresvale timber company.

Rodrigo Terpins is a famous sportsperson in the Brazilian sports fraternity. Most of the people know Rodrigo Terpins as a top achiever, who has an undying love for rally competitions. The award-winning rally driver has been breaking records with his swift maneuvers and drifts that have always earned him a top position in some of the toughest rally competitions in Brazil. He has participated in many competitions across Brazil alongside his younger brother, Michel Terpins.


Strangely, Rodrigo Terpis was born into a family of outstanding sportspeople. His father, Jack Terpins retired from basketball several years ago where he played for Hebraica. His younger brother is also a professional rally driver who participates in the Bull Serteos rally competition. The two have formed a team known as Bull Serteos rally team, which they take part in different off-road competitions in Brazil.


Venturing into business


Besides building a name in the sports world, Rodrigo Terpins has also succeeded in business. He studied at the University of Sail Hilaire where he acquired business . Upon completing education, Rodrigo Terpins landed an employment opportunity at Loja Marisa where he worked for more than ten years.


Rodrigo’s hard work and dedication earned him a promotion to become the president of the Fashion giant. After acquiring a wealth of experience, Rodrigo quit his job to start his own company. Currently, Rodrigo Terpins is the founder of Floresvale, an environmentally friendly timber company. While he is determined to see his company grow, Rodrigo’s greatest passion is still on rallying.


In an interview with the ideamensch, Rodrigo Terpins discussed his latest venture as well as his career. During the interview, Terpins revealed that he has always wanted to build a business based on the concept of sustainability and environmental conservation.


Rodrigo noted that wood harvesting in Brazil is done in an unsustainable manner. Most of the company’s do not adhere to the set standards, and they have no regard for environmental conservation and pollution. He, therefore, established Floresvale to set the pace for other timber companies. The company specializes in supplying Brazil and the world with certified wood products that have been produced sustainably.


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