The Covid-19 Lifestyle, Blue Light and Your Eyes

Whether it’s working from home, online schooling, or shopping online, the pandemic has changed the way we live; we are spending much more time online, staring at screens. However, that constant exposure to blue light can adversely affect eye health. Tom Chang MD is a world-renowned eye surgeon, speaker and […]

Dechert: A Quality Law Firm

Even if you haven’t heard of Dechert LLP, they have been around and in practice for a very long time. This law firm has a focus on white collar crime, and they are some of the best at what they do. Dechert was founded in 1875 and they have offices […]

Cloud Inventory

Data Systems International has recently announced that it will integrate two major resources; the Cloud Inventory – Field Inventory Management and the salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The implication of merging these two platforms is that salesforce users will now actively integrate field captured data into the field inventory […]