Author Solutions Assisting Authors All Over The World In Self-Publishing

When it comes to supporting self-publishing services around the globe, Author Solutions is the leading provider. Since the birth of the organization in 1997, it has helped many authors publish many titles. The company became the world leader by taking advantage of the early days of self-publishing.

Author Solutions helps authors succeed by providing access to resources and industry insights. Therefore, if an author wants to see your bookselling in well-known bookstores or to appear on television, Author Solutions will guide you in every step of that journey.

A self-publishing process known as AuthorCentric launched by Author Solutions enables authors to take complete control of their creations. It means that you will receive assistance from experts, but you will control every detail in your books, such as cover design and page layout. The company’s team of experts ensures that you keep your vision as an author.

The organization supports authors all over the world, with several self-publishing imprints available in different countries. Additionally, Author Solutions have partnered with industry leaders, retailers, and distributors to ensure that it is ready for the market once an author’s book is published. The company holds an author’s hand from the initial stage to the final stage while ensuring that it is easily affordable for you to publish your book.

When it comes to recruiting employees, Author Solutions selects the most talented professionals in the self-publishing industry. They have a team of international experts who have sufficient knowledge and experience in the self-publishing industry. The company is based in Indiana, but its influence in the industry has imprints in Singapore, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. The availability of imprints in different parts of the world helps authors take advantage of the resources and technology that make publishing of books easier. See this page for additional information.

Authors who have worked with the company always have something positive to say about their services and work ethic.


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