Cloud Inventory

Data Systems International has recently announced that it will integrate two major resources; the Cloud Inventory – Field Inventory Management and the salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The implication of merging these two platforms is that salesforce users will now actively integrate field captured data into the field inventory database.

Salesforce is a virtual software company that provides Customer Relations Management services in addition to a complementary suite of enterprise applications. To optimize field services, Salesforce CRM offers to integrate Field Inventory Applications for users to keep track of the state and location of tools and inventory in the field in real-time.

The application will allow Salesforce users to issue service orders and track the inventory, tools, and labor involved in getting the services accomplished. Since the application is a mobile-first one, salesforce users can access it on their mobile devices, making it easy to use from any location.

Customer Relations Management is an essential factor in the success of any company, more so a company that is using Salesforce to keep track of field services. Any field technician can access the application and make updates from any remote location. Once the field operative uploads the data, it is integrated into the cloud. Any user can see the changes from the base of operations or at a similar remote station. Go here for related information.

Real-time visibility helps companies meet their targets by ensuring everything is done on time. It also helps the users complete the demand for services safely and efficiently. Integrating the Salesforce CRM software with Cloud Inventory is undoubtedly a big leg up for its users and goes a long way in improving customer relations.

DSI is one of the leading providers of inventory management software, making the partnership with Salesforce a huge win for both parties. The software will go a long way in helping businesses track their inventory.


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