Dechert: A Quality Law Firm

Even if you haven’t heard of Dechert LLP, they have been around and in practice for a very long time. This law firm has a focus on white collar crime, and they are some of the best at what they do. Dechert was founded in 1875 and they have offices all across the globe. You can find them in Europe, Asia, North America, and even in the Middle East. 


They have over 20 offices worldwide and employ over 1,000 highly-qualified lawyers. Dechert white collar law firm is well known for the amount of pro bono work they do and how they give back to their communities. This firm has even won international awards for the amount of pro bono work they have done. Some of their areas of specialization include antitrust, taxes, corporate work, white collar crime, intellectual property, and finance services. According to Dechert CEO Henry Nassau, innovation training means efforts by all members to improve the workplace and elevate service to the clients in new meaningful ways. 


He adds that it will instill innovative thinking in the white collar work that Dechert does for clients and communities. They are committed to being a diverse and inclusive place to work and they actively seek to recruit well-rounded lawyers that are both talented and reflect the society which the firms exist in. Dechert is not only dedicated to justice, but they have committed themselves to improving in the fields of technology and innovation as well. Every day they work to explore new and more cost-effective ways of doing things.

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