Laura Rea Dickey Take On the Foundation of a Leading Global Barbeque Franchise

Over the years that Laura Dickey has been the head of the Dickey Chain of Restaurants, she has managed to revamp its mode of marketing through the integration of technology like artificial intelligence and bid data. In addition, as the current CEO of a leading barbeque franchise, she has played a significant role in ensuring that the business remains in operation regardless of the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

While the franchise boasts over 550 outlets in 44 states, the business began in 1941 when a world war I veteran, Travis Dickey, opened a small restaurant in Texas and prepared pit ham and beef brisket. After a year of operation, the restaurant had grown in popularity. It is then that Travis’s son T.D and Ronald Sr. resorted to opening other locations within the Dallas area.

With the restaurant’s growing popularity, they eventually ventured out of state by opening an outlet in Colorado and Denver, and others followed later on. In 2006, Travis Dickey’s grandson Ronald Dickey Jr took over the company’s leadership. To keep on the tradition of running the company as a family, Ronald sought the services of his wife Laura Rea, who helped to manage the communications, technology, and marketing. Laura’s role soon evolved to that of a Chief Information Officer.

With the constant growth of the company, the Dickeys family decided to undertake corporate restructuring. Laura Rae was appointed as the Dickeys Barbeque Restaurants Chief Executive Officer, while Ronald Jr headed the newly formed Dickey Capital Group.

About Laura Rea Dickey

Laura Rae joined the Texas Christian University in 1998, where she pursued her undergraduate degree. She later joined different marketing groups like The Richards Group, the point Group, and the Murray Brown Creative Group. While working for these companies, she was associated with leading brands such as the American Heart Association, W Hotels and Blue Mesa.

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