Richard Liu: The Investor That Lifted The Chinese Economy

With his continued commitment and hard work, Richard Qiangdong Liu assisted in transforming his smaller center into a massive well-known global company in several years. Despite coming from rural and humble settlements, Liu has been the core leader of since its inception. In 2019, the firm had reported revenue estimates of $82.9 billion. Richard Liu heavily focuses on newer technologies including AI, and big data.

His company continues to discard traditional e-commerce operations and maintain the loyalty and trust of its clients. The notable businessperson’s birthplace is Chang’an, in the eastern-Coastal region of Jiangsu of China. However, Liu’s birth years falls around the 1970s. At that time, the home village lacked modern infrastructures such as water and good roads, unlike other areas. See this article for more information.

From June to September, his family relied on corn for porridge or pancakes, which torn out their throats. In different seasons, they fed on boiled or dried sweet potatoes. After completing his secondary school education, Liu Qiangdong sent applications to universities in the big cities of Shanghai and Beijing. He passed his entrance examinations and got an opportunity to join Renmin University. He, therefore, needed funds amounting to $75, which was costly for his family during that time. His friends and neighbors, fortunately, contributed to him further his career.

Richard Liu pursued sociology on campus. During his free time, Qiangdong engaged with a small business in Beijing that needed assistance in copying letters, where he also taught himself computer programming. The latter contributed to the opening of entrepreneurial practices. As a result, he began making large sums of money. Liu purchased a PC and a cell phone besides establishing a new home for his parents in the village.

Richard Liu used savings to set up inventory and a booth that dealt with optical disc drives in a technological region. was the initial name for the firm before changing to His continued efforts lifted his company’s performance, and he acquired exceptional international awards.


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