The History of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens might be the founder of Fortress Investment Group in New York but not a lot of people know how he was able to do so well in such a short period of time. Well, it all began back in the fall of 61 when he was first born in the great state of Montana.

He was big into skiing as a kid & went on to get a BS in finance from Oregon State. When he was done with school, he started working at Lehman brothers & went on to make partner, but he still felt as if something was missing from his life. So, he in 98, he went on to found Fortress Investment Group & never looked back.

He runs the business on a style that creates financing & gets the job done. In 2007, he opted to go public with the company. He knew it would be a risky move but was confident that it would pay off in the long run.

A year later Nomura acquired 15% of them for a whopping $888 million & he then became the co chairman of the board of Fortress Investment Group. In 2009, they got hit hard when the stock market crashed but he was never one to let a small setback deter him.

So, he did a lot of thinking & soon came up with an idea to help pull them through the recession. In 2014, he started a natural gas supply company which has since gone on to make more than $1 billion in revenue.

Before long they had 14 private equity funds in addition to all of their hedge funds. He still runs Fortress Investment Group from their home office in New York & hopes to keep being successful in the future of his career. Refer to this page for additional information