Pamela Baer Breaths Life And Hope To The Needy

Pamela Baer started out as a brand marketer in the finance industry, but she is popularly known for her philanthropic work. With a kind and loving heart, Pam is dedicated to supporting public health projects aimed at promoting behavioral and mental health.

While serving as the Lifetime Director at San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, she has been quite instrumental in fundraising campaigns, strategy work, and events poised to afford quality health services for vulnerable community members.

The SFGH Foundation serves as a safety net for persons living in poverty, those with no insurance covers, and the homeless. Following the covid-19 pandemic, Pam Baer and her team at SFGH have spent a substantial amount of time assessing the impact of one’s socio-economic status on their health and wellness.

“There exists a host of other health problems arising from poor mental health. With most American citizens suffering from mental health disorders, there is a need for prompt action. That coupled with the pandemic calls for deliberate action to support our community’s most needy,” noted Pamela Baer.

Pam Baer launched the Transform Mental & Behavioral Health Fund back in 2018 to help pilot and support mental health initiatives. As of today, the fund has managed to raise over $5 million. The program’s main objective is to help destigmatize mental health disorders and offer accessible care to all.

With the pandemic taking a further toll on Americans’ mental health, the Transform Mental & Behavioral Health Fund, under the stewardship of Pam Baer, doubled its efforts in a bid to save the situation. The program has helped fund initiatives such as Telecare Health and the Acute Care Team.

Pamela joined the SFGH Foundation in 2002, and she has been honored to serve as a board member for 16 years. The foundation recently promoted her to the position of Lifetime Director. Through her leadership and commitment to charitable activities, the foundation has realized new height of success. See this page for related information.


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