Tempus Founder and CEO Eric Lefkofsky

Leader and businessman Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who founded a number of companies throughout his career. He recently founded a new company called Tempus medical research firm. His new company specializes in helping physicians better diagnose cancer and provide better care for their patients. Led by Eric Lefkofsky, the company uses machine learning and genomic sequencing in order to assist physicians in finding and evaluating cancer tumors. 


With his new company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to build one of Chicago’s most successful technology startup companies. During the past year, Tempus has been able to raise $300 million which has enabled the company to accumulate a total sum of $1 billion. Today, Tempus is valued at over $8 billion. With the recent capital, Eric Lefkofsky explains, Tempus has been able to expand its oncology department. It has also expanded to other aspects of healthcare that include mental health, diabetes treatment, cardiology and treatment for infectious diseases. 


In a recent interview, Eric Lefkofsky talked about the latest developments of his company. He mentioned that his company has been able to raise capital to expand to new projects. Lefkofsky has said that the raise in capital and the expansion will help his company not only increase its profits but also better serve the community. Tempus is now in position to provide better quality services for physicians who are looking to treat their patients more effectively. As well as talking about the recent expansion of his company, Eric Lefkofsky also talked about his past business experiences and how they have helped him make his current company Tempus one of the most successful companies in the healthcare and technology industries. 

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