We Cater for Your Health and Financial Needs; Welcome To LifeWave

LifeWave was founded in 2004 by Dr. David Schmidt as part of his research efforts to promote a healthy society.

Based in San Diego, California, LifeWave offers numerous products that heal and alleviate several health issues.

The company, besides healthy living, also focuses on poverty alleviation by providing members with the means to earn an income.

Using an MLM selling and marketing model, the company uses individuals as the promoters of their products, granting them a commission for sales made.

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Since the company was established in 2004, it has grown to become one of the largest awareness and health companies globally, with over 90 countries.

LifeWave has a wide variety of products based on nanotechnology.

The main product is the non-drug wearable patch.

The patches are a proprietary technology patented by the company.

They work by capturing and focusing light energy on specific body parts, thus promoting healing, among other benefits.

Through years of research and several clinical trials, the company has mastered nanotechnology, despite its relatively new technology.

By implementing this technology in their products, the company states that they can promote water, amino acids, and oxygen to various body parts to achieve healing.

Besides, the patches address several physiological issues such as removing anxiety and stress, promoting good sleep, and increasing relaxation.

The patches are also lauded by those who have used them to slow down the aging process and weight reduction by increasing the body’s rate of burning fat.

LifeWave has been consistent with its products.

The company has subjected its products to several clinical trials to confirm their efficacy.

A look at reviews from most users indicates that the products have a high efficacy rate, and clients are delighted with the results.

Besides the listed benefits, users of the company’s products state the X39 patches increases one’s physical energy and rejuvenation.

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