Andrew Lazarus Purchase Historic Beach Hotel

Andrew Lazurus is a very successful Sydney entrepreneur, businessman, and hotelier.

Mr. Lazurus has just purchased one of the most famous beachfront hotels in Newcastle called the Beach Hotel Merewether.

Andrew Lazurus has stated in an interview with the Newcastle Herald that he and his family have been wanting to purchase this property for some time.

This hotel is iconic and has a long history in New Castle. The Bale and Twohill families previously owned the property.

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This will be the first time that someone else will own this hotel in over 40 years.

The asking price for the property was upwards of 20 million dollars.

Mr. Lazurus and his family have a rich history in the hotel industry.

Their company, the Eastern Hotels Group, has been managing luxury hotels for the past 30 years.

A few other hotels under the Lazurus family’s portfolio are the Shoal Bay Country Club, The Eastern in Bondi Junction, and The Exchange Hotel.

The beach hotel will be managed and run day to day by Peter Lazarus.

This property is described as being in an unbeatable location that overlooks one of the most popular beaches in New Castle.

The Lazarus family’s purchase of this beachfront hotel is considered a trophy and a precious asset.

The entire hotel is made of beautiful brick and is well known and loved by the locals, so not much marketing will be needed to get people to patronize the hotel.

One of the most notable features of this property is the verandas that overlook Merewether beach.

The Lazarus family has decided to get to know the people in the local community, including the architects, before doing any refurbishment to the property.

The family does not want to come in and make changes without making sure people in the local community agree with the changes.

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