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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who has made many contributions to the world. His articles include advice on entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, cyber security and more. Jason Hope’s article about conversion rate optimization discusses five steps that will boost your conversions! 


– Don’t use popups. Instead, try creating a convincing CTA button on your page that goes to the appropriate sign up or purchase pages. Get rid of distractions and other elements that don’t contribute to conversions. Focus all attention on what you want people to do next, whether it’s signing up for a trial or buying your product, Jason Hope points out.


– His advice is to optimize the copy in your CTA buttons to increase conversions. These are what people see when they land on your site, so make sure they stand out and represent how clicking will benefit them. – Make it clear that signing up is free; if you require a credit card during signup, mention this in the CTA copy. This will help avoid losing potential subscribers due to confusion or apprehension about hidden fees.


Jason Hope


– Make your site easy to browse. Suppose it’s difficult for people to find the products or services they need, either from a design perspective (poor navigation) or through too much content that makes browsing confusing. In that case, you’ll have difficulty achieving conversions. Keep in mind what types of purchases and signups are most popular for your site (Prweb). 


– If you offer tiered pricing, make sure the different levels are displayed and explained on your page to avoid confusion or pushback from potential customers. Low priced items should not be hidden behind a high price point!


 – Jason Hope advises to use popups sparingly, if at all; they’re often seen as intrusive and annoying. Make sure the offer or message you’re presenting is relevant to your site’s content, as well as valuable enough that people will want it rather than closing out of the popup window immediately.