PosiGen Solar Energy

PosiGen was founded to help low-to-moderate income families in New Orleans rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Though there were different programs available to help the residents of New Orleans, they were only accessible to those who already had money. Many residents could not afford to rebuild or upgrade their homes, and the founders of PosiGen wanted to help. 


In the end, PosiGen discovered they could provide solar energy to communities that comprise lower-income residents. The company has developed a unique way to sell their product. They base their sales on how much the customer is going to save. At PosiGen, they only sell solar systems to customers who are going to save money by installing a solar system. If a customer will not see savings, PosiGen will not sell them a solar system. The company is focusing on the customer, not on their profits. 


PosiGen solar power company quickly learned their clients welcomed that approach. It excited people striving to make better lives for themselves and their families to learn how investing in solar would help achieve that goal. The company continued to grow since the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina because of their customer-first approach. Now, they are helping families across the country to go solar and save money too.

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