Alex Pissios • Former CEO, Cinespace Chicago

When Alex Pissios was young, he looked up to his father and wanted to be a special education teacher like him. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in English and Literature. He had begun gaining interest in the real estate industry, and in 2003 he became a real estate developer. Alex Pissios did not settle for one business, he wanted to diversify, and that’s when he got into the entertainment industry. Alex Pissios was the CEO and managing director of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios from the time it was initiated to its sale.

 Cinespace Chicago Film Studios is one firm that has brought significant growth to Chicago and neighboring cities. The company has brought digital learning to the community and employment to over 15000 people with some working in the stages and others online. Cinespace Chicago runs 33 stages and is expected to have 19 more stages. After the Acquisition of Cinespace into private equity, the new management looks forward to carrying on the company’s vision. They will continue to build world-class studio platforms, educate the community and increase the rate of employment in the country.

 As a corporate social responsibility, Cinespace Chicago will improve the CineCares Foundation. This is a nonprofit wing run by the company to ensure that young people who want to get into the film industry have a platform through education, training, and internship. The foundation was originally the idea of Mr. Pissios, but the new management will carry on its works.