CEO Bobby Kotick Lays Out First Steps in Improving Corporate Culture at Activision Blizzard

In the wake of recent public controversy at Activision Blizzard surrounding a series of human resources complaints, the video game designer and publisher has made significant internal changes to address the internal corporate culture as well as the public perception of the company. CEO Bobby Kotick has been leading a new executive team in tackling these problems and put forward an internal letter to address some of the actions being taken.

Stressing that there is more to do than contained in the internal memo, Kotick informed employees of Activision Blizzard of a series of internal changes being made and new initiatives being launched to move the company toward the goal of being what Kotick describes as “the model workplace in our industry.”

The main changes taking place at this time include harsher no-tolerance policies that replace the option of written warnings with termination, putting a new focus on diversity hiring as well as spending $250 million over 10 years to help bring people from under-represented communities as well develop degree and certification programs with colleges. Kotik also pledges Activision Blizzard to close the gender pay gap and offer quarterly updates to employees on what progress is being made with existing measures and what new measures will be implemented in the future. An employment contract requirement that limited employee complaint processes to in-company arbitration has been removed, allowing them to pursue other avenues, though in-company arbitration will still be available if requested.

Recognizing that Activision Blizzard has some work to do in order to become the inclusive and safe professional environment it promises to be, Kotick acknowledges past failings on the part of the company and promises that these changes are just the beginning, with more to be revealed as the company progresses and sees new areas to address these concerns. Continue reading this article