Gordonstoun School's Dr. Kurt Hahn, Progenitor of the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Dr. Kurt Hahn is the founder of the preeminent Scottish coeducational school, Gordonstoun.

Hahn is also famous for being the inspiration and facilitator of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a prestigious program that was established with a collaboration with Prince Philip.

The award is known as originating in Scotland, but it has spread its influence over 150 countries.

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The fascinating history of this world-class educator begins in Germany.

Having been born to Jewish heritage, his collegiate studies began at two German universities before he continued his advanced education at Oxford.

His life philosophy was deeply influenced during this time by his love of the works of Plato.

His exposure to the British school system awoke a passion in him for the style of education being offered there.

After World War I, Hahn entered a career in school administration.

He founded the Salem School in Southern Germany under the authority of Prince Max of Baden.

Shortly afterward, Hahn learned that he was not safe in Germany after he had spoken out against the Nazi Party, so he fled to Scotland.

In Scotland, Hahn still had a passion for education and shaping the minds of young people.

He soon underwent the task of founding a new school, and he found the sponsors to open the British Salem School of Gordonstoun.

Founded in 1934, the school is named after the medieval estate which is the site of the school.

The school became renowned due to Dr. Hahn’s focus on character growth and a diverse curriculum to broaden young minds.

The school resides on 200 acres of wooded land that provides outdoor activities for the young students.

The unique curriculum of Gordonstoun School offers a wide array of opportunities for students to broaden their minds at a young age.

The activities at the school are also focused on developing good character for students as they mature.

The school motto is “There is more in you,” encouraging students to reach for their potential academically and in life.

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